Bawling Bean: The Position of Pain

Thanks to my fibromyalgia and constantly dislocating joints, my pain tolerance is fairly high. Even before the fibro I’d had nurses tell me my tolerance was high. While the fibro has dramatically increased my pain tolerance, it also makes me feel more pain (since my pain receptors are all, essentially, turned on constantly). Well, now that you know that, on with the main purpose of this post.

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The Big Allergy Hurrah! Seriously, it’s exciting!!!

I’m going to be getting allergy shots!!! YAY!!!!

So, yeah… if you knew me, you’d realize how crazy that sounds. Well, how crazy the level of excitement is… then again, if you knew me, then you’d also realize why I’m so excited.

For YEARS I have had atrocious allergies. I take three allergy medications a day (currently Nasacort, Singulair, and Xyzal), that all work in different ways… and that isn’t enough! Regularly I need to add Sudafed and Benadryl to the mix. Sometimes, actually usually, even the extra medications aren’t quite enough for people to stop asking me if I’m sick. Luckily, they’ve been slightly better recently, but it’s also not my main allergy season (and Xyzal is stronger than the Claritin I had been taking). Obviously, having allergy symptoms that constantly make people ask if I have a cold has been less than fun.

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Reader’s Choice!

So, I am fairly new to blogging. I was hoping that you, the readers, could tell me what you’d like to see 🙂

Post questions in the comments on this post, and I’ll try to use them as ideas for future posts! What do you want to know about my illnesses, my house, what I’m doing with the rest of my life, my family (husband and two kitties), my extended family (Mom, Dad, sister, grandparents, etc), well, you get the idea!

Ask away!

The Pilates Morning Conundrum

I absolutely love Pilates and my studio! As I mentioned in “Things That Make Me Smile,” my studio does both physical therapy (PT) and Pilates, which is a great combination. The PT is much more focused on a whole body approach to treat the issue, and the Pilates is done with an emphasis on proper form and tailoring to your specific needs. Some of the instructors are both PTs and Pilates trained, others are just Pilates trained. All of the instructors have undergone 500 hours of Pilates instructor training… which is crazy, but really good for the students.

I’ve been working with one PT, Joleen, there since January. My body has so many issues that it’s just significantly easier to stay with a single instructor for now. Once my body starts working kind of like a “normal” person’s body, then I’ll be comfortable trying other instructors. I’m getting WAY better though.

I'm on the MOTR, a relatively new Pilates device. It's extremely versatile. This was during an open house at my studio.

I’m on the MOTR, a relatively new Pilates device. It’s extremely versatile. This was during an open house at my studio.

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The Mystery Noise

Ugh, can’t sleep despite feeling awful and needing to be awake in 5 hours… There is a bizarre noise going on outside, regularly. If we had A/C, we could shut the windows, but alas. 😦 The noise sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. You know the sound of a dripping sink? It’s that consistent, and it is a similar noise, but almost as if it’s robotic water… it sounds synthesized in some way. Every now and then, it sounds like it could be a dog, but not quite… the volume is all that changes. I’m going to need to turn my music way up so I can sleep. I really hope everything is alright out there…

My Little Piece of Home

Like I’d mentioned on “Busy Bee,” Dan and I own our own townhouse!

First Anniversary and Our House

It’s fantastic having a place to come home to and realizing that you own it 🙂 Every time I think about it, and really let it sink in, I’m just in awe. I realize that my life can be really crappy sometimes, thanks to all the stupid stuff going on in my body, but fully realizing that I own a house reminds me that my life is also pretty amazing!

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Happy, Married Life

In my About Me, I give you a quick summary of my relationship with my husband, Dan. I thought I’d fill you in a bit more because he is a MAJOR part of my life (as he should be). Not only is he the love of my life, but he is a fantastic caretaker. Anyway, on to the good stuff 😉

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