Ugh, the pain…

So I somehow did something to my wrist… or at least it thinks I did. During Pilates on Monday my right wrist acted up, so Joleen was able to take a look at it. She doesn’t think my bones move properly (like the rest of the bones in my body haha, sigh), which is causing them to pinch nerves. Then, late that night, my left wrist started hurting. It was a different pain, just kind of felt like I jammed it. Well, it STILL hurts so badly that I have been wearing my brace almost constantly (it’s been giving me a heat rash type of thing, so I’ve had to take breaks) since Monday night. I am starting to wonder what’s wrong with it. I’m going to have Joleen take a peak at it on Monday, which is our next one-on-one session… but until then, I’m stuck with this excruciating pain in my wrist. I’ve been doing my best to hide the magnitude of the pain, because I don’t want to pay for an Urgent Care visit (it just doesn’t feel that urgent, honestly, but it probably is more so than I am allowing) nor do I want to worry Dan. He can tell it’s really bad though, I can’t hide all of the winces and exclamations…

Just… need… to… make… it… to… Monday!

At least I can take pain meds now 😉

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