Flare Week

My allergies have been so horrendous that my symptoms have been extremely flared up all week. There is a ton of pollen in the air 😥 I have been dealing with fibro pain, crazy POTS things, headaches, and my insomnia has decided to join the party too. This does not make for a happy Lizzy… ugh.

yes, that's 96 bpm and 85% oxygen... while lying down. and my wedding ring isn't on because my hand is swollen...

yes, that’s 85 bpm and 96% oxygen… while lying down. and my wedding ring isn’t on because my hand is swollen.

Have I also mentioned that my wrist has been extremely messed up since Monday evening? Not sure what happened, but if it’s still this painful tomorrow, I’m going to go to Urgent Care… otherwise I’m just going to wait until I see Joleen on Monday so she can evaluate it (so I don’t look like a druggy).

One thought on “Flare Week

  1. So earlier I thought I’d read my pulse ox wrong… I didn’t read it wrong, but I did type it up incorrectly. Migraines do that 😛
    I had 96% oxygen, which is still low for me and proves my asthma was acting up, and 85 bpm. I had been laying down for at least ten minutes already, so 85bpm is still really high. However, that’s actually only a tiny bit above my pre-POTS resting heart rate.

    So yeah, no need to worry. I just make goody mistakes when I have migraines.


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