4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Potsie When…

  1. Ugh, the compression sock struggle. I’ve managed to make dresses and boots look cute on the not too hot days, but how does one wear these on hot days? They look silly with my sneakers and ballet flats. I might have to purchase mary janes.


    • I think it depends on clothing style really… I’m trying to figure out if there is ANY way that I can wear something with flip flops and short shorts 😛 I’m totally still a Cali girl at heart during the summer!!!!
      Some of the photos on the RejuvaHealth website have leg models wearing them with shoes and clothing… but only some of the socks. I’m hoping these will look cute with shorts and maybe my black low-top Chucks… channeling my inner high schooler all over again! I also got a cute pair of sheers that have dots and are knee high, in a gray, so I’m hoping those will be cute too… (and that I can maybe wear my yellow low-tops and maroon high tops with them). Time to experiment! I’ll post some photos of successful experiments, if I get any 😛

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