The Wrist Issue

Yesterday, Joleen looked at my wrist. We spent the entire session working on my wrist, because I can’t actually get a full range of motion without using my other hand to assist it. However, good news, she really doubts it is either broken or sprained. Apparently, massaging the joint and myofascial tissues in the arm will usually feel soft inside if there is a break or sprain, mine was the exact opposite of soft. She thinks I did something (probably something normal) that just scared the muscles in my arm, wrist, and shoulder, which made them seize up and pinch my nerves.

Of course. Well, at least it’s not broken when I didn’t do anything to it (I would really not want to know what that could mean about my overall health if that happened). However, it’s still very painful, and she wants me stretching it… which hurts even more. I’m used to pushing through pain, but this is my least favorite type of pain. It’s the kind of nerve pain that you mostly feel when your stomach starts doing somersaults. There isn’t actually much pain (like, the stab your toe pain nor the overworked muscle pain), and when there is pain, it’s the throbbing and radiating pinching pain from smashed nerves. I can’t stand this kind. So for the past week I’ve been nauseous.

Wrist Braces

Oh, right. I’m also not supposed to wear a brace if I can avoid it. Immobilizing it for this long is not a good thing, since it’s not broken, and can actually make my muscles decide to stay seized up. Which is also why I’m supposed to be stretching it. I have to keep switching between my hard brace, no brace, soft brace, and Ace bandage. It depends on the amount of work I’m expecting my wrist to do. Right now, I’m not wearing a brace, but I’m seriously thinking of finding my soft brace again. I had my hard brace on earlier today because I kept trying to use my left arm to push myself up off of the couch. It’s annoying, and I have no idea how long it’s supposed to last (Joleen didn’t offer any timeline either).

At least it’s not broken…

This post is an update to Ugh, the pain…

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