Painting Adventure to Canvas and Cocktails!

Yesterday (Sunday) was really good, despite the cold I think I have. In the morning, one of my best friends and I went to Canvas and Cocktails (one of those places where they lead a group of people through a painting and supply you with all the equipment)… We’ve been once before, and it’s always a load of fun! Plus, wandering around and seeing the other paintings is fun, especially since no one ever has the same one. There is a really hard painting of a feather on display that we’re thinking of attempting when we see it on the calendar.

So, yesterday’s painting was fruit. There were two options: strawberries and watermelon. They were able to offer two options because they had almost identical steps the entire way through. I chose to do the watermelon painting, and Anne did the strawberries. Here are a few photos I took during the class:

backgrounds complete

The first break was to let our backgrounds dry before we painted the fruit!

anne finishing

AM putting the finishing touches on her painting

anne and me

AM and me with our completed paintings. You can see the sample painting over my head.

I love painting; it’s very therapeutic for me. I’m able to completely immerse myself in the painting, and let the world and all of my symptoms melt away. Plus, I think it’s fun to have rainbow hands for the rest of the day (I’m not exactly neat) 😛

What do you think?

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