Oops! M.I.A. Lizz…

The last few days have been pretty crazy, which is why I’ve been missing in action. I do apologize! I have been really enjoying my blogging, and I am hoping to get a good post up tomorrow, then have Dan get up some posts while I recover from surgery.


We have museum memberships, which means we can go whenever for free, and have really been wanting to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit! It opened on my birthday (March 19), and is leaving this weekend (or the next one)… So we really had to see it before the surgery!!! On Saturday, we finally went! It was awesome, and I want to write up a post ASAP. For now though, rest your eyes on this ridiculousness 😛

Fun green screen shot at the end!

Fun green screen shot at the end!

While we were eating lunch at the museum, my sister called. I answer the phone and get a “Mum just left” … Wait, what? There had been some miscommunication… I thought she was leaving Sunday and arriving Monday. I was wrong! We hadn’t gotten to setup the bed yet (so it could air, it was wrapped up in the utility room… Clean, but stuffy), so we raced home to finish the office. We got it all cleaned, organized, and got the bed setup to start airing! Yay! (And the air filter going to help with the dust from the cats.)


We hadn’t quite finished cleaning up around the house. I wanted it less cluttered for my mom, and really thoroughly dusted and cleaned for my recovery.

Friday and Saturday we installed a new toilet in our bathroom; the weekend before, a new one in the guest bathroom. Then on Thursday, or so, I turned the fan on in the guest bathroom… And it was done. Kaput. We bought new fans (so the one in our bathroom can match later), and Dan installed it on Sunday. It should have been easy… But our house refuses to do “should have.” What should have only taken a couple hours took almost all day and several trips to Home Depot. But it’s in and works amazingly well!!! We finished all the projects and cleaning and showering about 20 minutes before Mom arrived. Very satisfying to have it all done and spotless!!! Now, we just have to clean our own bedroom…

Monday (today):

Dan had work, and I had three doctors appointments. THREE! I needed to get then out of the way, but ugh. I saw Joleen for my Pilates, which was great. Then went to Sam’s Club for medicine and some groceries. Then went to Dr N’s, where I got my blood test and allergy testing results, which I’ll hopefully write up later. THEN I went to Dr J’s for my follow-up about my POTS medications, which we will not be changing for at least six weeks.

It’s been crazy… AND I start classes tomorrow… (I apologize if there are weird typos, I’m writing this quickly on my phone. I’ll try to check it tomorrow.)

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