The Sock Problem

I have a problem. A sock problem.

Yes, you read that correctly… socks.

What in the world is a sock problem? I’m obsessed with “fun” socks. I don’t care about basic socks, I like patterned, crazy colored, and unusual socks! How many socks make a problem? Well, according to Dan, it’s the amount of socks that are currently in my closet. Yes, they’re in the closet. I have enough socks they have their own drawers (yup, plural) that go in my closet.

drawers signed

All four of those drawers are full of socks. And I really do mean full. There is a system (or else I couldn’t find anything in there, that’s for sure). The top drawer contains short socks: ¾ crew socks, ankle/low socks, no-show socks, and ballet socks. The next drawer down contains what I call my “medium” socks: crew socks and boot socks, including the long toe socks. The next drawer has my “long” socks: over calf socks, knee highs, over knee socks, and (if I ever get any) thigh high. Those three drawers are full of colorful and decorated socks, without any plain socks in it. The socks in the bottom drawer are my boring but functional socks: all plain white and plain black normal socks, hiking socks, and hiking sock liners. My fuzzy and slipper socks are also in the bottom drawer because they are considered “functional” instead of “fun” (even though they are very pretty.

Sock Lengths

So you see, I have a lot of socks. Shall we see them? Well, since I’m a little bonkers, the answer is yes. Let’s see each drawer individually, from the top down!

First Drawer: Short Socks

The short socks are in the smallest drawer, but they’re also the smallest socks. I actually wear these socks the most often. I use the ballet flat socks as warm day slippers; they are always falling off my heel if I try to wear any kind of shoe with them. The other short socks are some of my thinnest socks, so they’re perfect for warm weather.

Short Socks

I have 49 pairs of short socks.

Second Drawer: Medium Socks

I have the most medium socks, mostly because they are the most common size to find with patterns on them. These socks are all over the place as far as thickness is concerned. Some of my favorite socks are in this drawer. I have a pair of socks from Carlsbad Caverns (which is amazing, go there, now) that are nice and squishy, and they are made out of bamboo so they breathe very well and are made from very sustainable material! Obviously, those are one of my favorite pairs.

Medium Socks

I have 61 pairs of medium socks.

Third Drawer: Long Socks

My long socks are a lot of fun, but I don’t get to wear most of them very often. I have a few fun pairs of Christmas socks that are over-knee socks, but they have fun decorations on the top… and in Colorado, Christmas is cold! Colorado Christmases aren’t exactly the ideal time to wear decorated over-knee socks with shorts 😉 I do wear my long socks most often in winter, because the ones without embellished tops fit perfectly with my winter boots. I also have a few pairs of long socks that are cute with shorts, and not holiday specific. Long socks are always fun to wear!

Long Socks

I have 43 pairs of long socks.

Fourth Drawer: Functional Socks

I love hiking and I love my fuzzy socks! My fuzzy socks are great for winter; I will wear them around the house, and I’ll wear them in bed because my feet are always cold. My hiking socks make up the majority of this drawer though. I have several pairs of hiking socks, and a few pairs of sock liners that work fantastically for backpacking trips and extremely long hikes. Unfortunately, the hiking socks haven’t been getting as much wear recently, thanks to the POTS. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go hiking next summer. Right now, I could probably do super accessible and flat hikes, but those don’t need hiking socks and boots. This drawer contains all of my most expensive socks. Being functional socks, I’m willing to spend significantly more money on them than I do on any of the other socks. This drawer also contains all of my “boring” socks: plain white and plain black athletic socks.

Functional Socks

I have 31 pairs of functional socks.

Not In Drawers: Miscellaneous Socks

I have five pairs of socks specifically designed for Yoga/Pilates. They are short toe socks, with an open top to help keep your feet cool, and with rubber gripper dots on the bottom to keep them from sliding around.

I also have four pairs of compression socks: two pairs of plain black, one purple colored pair, and one sheer gray with dots. All of my compression socks so far are knee high. My next pairs are going to be thigh high, and probably some leggings. I may end up needing to get a drawer specifically for my compression stuff! Oh, the hardships of being a potsie 😉

I have 9 pairs of miscellaneous socks.

So, that makes a total of 193 pairs of socks! However, that is not all of them. I’m sure there were a few pairs in the laundry at the time I counted, and I know there are still a lot (probably fifty or more) of socks at my parents’ house.

Do I have enough socks? NO WAY!!! This obsession probably isn’t healthy, but I just can’t help myself… Dan severely limits my sock intake, I have to justify every pair. I can’t say I blame him, he just doesn’t understand! He has a drawer full of boring socks, and just a few pairs of dress socks that are only patterned because it’s hard to find plain dress socks for men. Am I crazy, like people suggest regularly? Yes, probably! But hey, I’m willing to admit it, and I don’t think I have a problem, not at all 😛

4 thoughts on “The Sock Problem

    • Yup! They keep my feet warm too 😛 when I told Dan I think I’ll need a new drawer for my compression stuff, he looked in the closet and said “I have a solution.” Which made me get all defensive because I was expecting him to either day no more socks or to get rid of some… But no, he told me I need to get rid of some shoes so there is more space in the closet!!! 😛 at least he understands!


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