Posting Made Difficult…

For some reason, the mobile version of the website has suddenly been making it almost impossible to post. Everything’s I clicked on either the “add a new post” in the top bar OR “add” next to “blog posts” from the “my site” page, it asked me to choose a site. I only have this one. I’d click on it, and it would take me to stats. I finally had to click on the admin link to get to the more involved dashboard, then open the side menu, THEN click on “add post” … UGH! Don’t know what’s going on with that craziness.

Anyway, I was trying to post a very quick update letting you all know that I am going to the doctor tomorrow… He wants to make sure the pain isn’t from any sort of complication. It’s actually a different doctor in the same office because mine is fully booked. Hopefully this pain is just from my fibro…

What do you think?

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