Woh! Record Views!!!

I don’t know what I did, other than publish one post in the late afternoon, but you guys went completely bonkers yesterday! Bonkers in a very good way 🙂 I ended up with 42 total views (yes, I realize that several of you probably get several times that many on average, but I’m a newbie). My previous record was 33. I’m glad that people are reading my blog, and liking what I’m writing. If there is specific content that you’d like to see (or see more of), let me know in the comments!

I’m going to be starting Blogging 101 through Blogging U (from “The Daily Post”) on Monday. Expect some changes and “assignments” to show up on my blog as a result! Maybe someday soon I’ll look at this post and giggle about “how low” the view count was when I got this excited… I suppose we shall see!

One thought on “Woh! Record Views!!!

  1. Yay! Congratulations! And congrats on getting through surgery safely and home in one piece (bad pun). I was hoping for similar results when I posted Koi’s snout photo yesterday, somehow I imagined that just because I think my fuzzy guy’s snout is awesome that everyone else in fibroland would too. The fibrosnout and I will just need to be patient 🙂
    Gentle hugs and wishing you speedy healing! -Medea


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