Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

I just haven’t been feeling up to doing this (blogging). Which I know means I should, but I just don’t want to. I’m three weeks post-op today! So I figured I’d mark the occasion with a small post filling you in on the last week.

My thoughts have been in a kind of dark funk lately… not things I want to write about though, which is part of why there haven’t been any posts. When my depression freaks out, it kind of takes over, and then I have a hard time doing anything at all.

Temper Tantrum

I’m three weeks into school, which is cool. I do really enjoy my geography class, though it requires a lot of reading and I’m having a hard time keeping up and remembering it. I shall persevere however. Turns out that my forensics teacher is going through a divorce which is why she’s been so, well, moody? I don’t want to be cruel, but I can’t think of good words to describe it. She’s just been kind of arrogant about things and not very nice… at least now I know why, and (thankfully) playing with bones calms her down a bit.

Being three weeks into school, I really can’t tell if my allergies are just completely freaking out, or if I’m sick. Since I’m suddenly in contact with a bajillion people, who knows. It’s extremely difficult to determine if you’re sick with all my conditions, but I think I am. LOTS of phlegm, widespread aching that feels different than my usual fibro stuff (though in a very subtle way), coughing, extreme exhaustion, overly emotional, and worse dizzy spells. But, this could all very well be due to one or more of my conditions working against me.

trainwreck health

I’ve been getting daily migraines. Always in the evening. I think I’m staying up too late and not sleeping enough, and probably getting dehydrated.

Migraine Pain

Hitting my third week post-op means I can bend over again and can now life things up to 25 pounds! I can snuggle my kitties! I can do a Child’s Pose to FINALLY stretch my back out! I can do some very light exercises and stretches again to start getting things back under control. Yay! Three weeks is also the halfway point for the healing. My ear is back to the right size, and not uber sore. I have a few tender spots along the incision, in the sticking out portion of the ear near the incision point, and the graft location. Definitely very happy I’m making progress.

Dancing Bean

Today, I’m so tired I can barely think. It’s making homework difficult. I’m going to go get caffeine to help me out, hopefully. But I suspect I may just need to nap, but it’s too warm for me to be comfortable.

Backwards Day

ADHD Sleep

7 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

  1. I feel for you as I’ve been there and doing that with the chronic pain, fatigue and fibro fog. I’m battling depression, too, from not being able to find a job after being laid up from a neck injury for more than 18 months. I hope things improve for you soon.


    • My depression is, unfortunately, chronic 😦 I’ve had it since junior high (I’m 25 now). Hopefully your job situation will figure itself out so you can start healing! 😀
      Thanks for the reminder that I’m not alone, it’s very helpful!


      • My depression is also chronic, also since my teens, and I’m now 63. I’ve had my ups and downs, but right now it’s just hard to cope with everything in my life, health issues and all. I’ve made it this far, though, without giving up, so I guess I can hang around for a while longer, if for no other reason than to see what God has in store for me.


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