Yes, in simply naming this post “ARGHHHHHHHH” because it’s the only thing that fits. I suppose I could have put “holy duckling dam” as well, which is what I sent my friend because I’m trying to cut back on swearing. Anyway. Why the frustration?


I am so over even having a left ear.

Luckily, it didn’t sound like this one should be too bad. The doctor said I just have a few spots of irritation which are weeping, and the ooze is what is infected. I start eardrops again today. I also now am under orders to point a hairdryer into my ear (from 12″ away) for a full minute to dry it out.

Can my ear just get better already? This is ridiculous. At this point, I’m just going to start classifying this under “chronic.” ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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