I had my World Regional Geography midterm on Thursday last week. It was pretty easy for me, but I’ve also been finding classwork extremely interesting and always sharing it with Dan, so it gets stuck in my head. I’m hoping I did well on it. I feel as though I got an A, because I really don’t think I missed enough to get a B. Some of his answer choices were hilarious. Hopefully, I’ll get the exam back so I can share 😛

Today is my Forensic Anthropology midterm. I’m kind of nervous. She gave us a study guide, but it’s pretty much “study everything.” Thanks. She gave it to us Thursday. I’ve been struggling with my health a bit, so I have been having a very hard time studying. However, the osteology test we had was far easier than anyone expected, so hopefully the midterm will be too. I’m studying right now (well, I was, and I will be again). The test will start at 3p today. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

fingers crossed

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