25 Little Things That Make Daily Life Fantastic

The prompt from Writing 101 was to make a list of some sort. Originally, I was going to make a list of how my life had changed due to chronic illness… but then I realized how depressing that list was going to be. Living with chronic illness is challenging, at best, and can make it impossible to see the good in life. So, I decided my list needed to be happy. A major change is how much time I have to stay at home, and how trips and adventures have had to move to the back burner. I spend most of my time at home. Because I spend so much time at home, I decided to focus on what I love about my daily life. So here it is:

25 Little Things

  1. the feeling sheets have first thing in the morning, that really soft and cozy feeling – especially when I don’t have to jump out of bed right away
  2. owning my own house, and remembering that every morning as I look aroundFirst Anniversary and Our House
  3. the fact that Dan wakes me up every workday to kiss me goodbye – even when I can barely remember it
  4. yoga pants, sweat pants, baggy tshirts
  5. not have to wear a bra around the house 😛
  6. the color of my powder room walls powder room walls
  7. texting my friends, especially the ones that are just as socially awkward as I am – sometimes a text is all the socializing I need for the day!
  8. the face that Dan makes when I lick or poke the tip of his nose
  9. being greeted every morning by Artio begging for belly rubs
  10. the smell of blankets and towels fresh from the dryer
  11. purring lap warmersBoth Cats Snuggling
  12. hugging Dan, and being able to forget everything else
  13. binge watching “Mysteries at the Museum” and “Mysteries at the Monument”
  14. watching Squirrel Buddy scampering around outside
  15. watching Mikki beg for Dan’s attention after he comes home from work, following him around the house and telling him all about her day until he picks her up
  16. getting paint all over my hands and arms
  17. all the ridiculous little things Dan and I do to make each other laugh
  18. impromptu boogie time
  19. lying on the couch with Dan
  20. fresh sheets on a freshly made bed – and the fact that Dan always lets me get into bed first
  21. watching the light outside shift as the day goes on
  22. fictional daydreaming – writing short stories in my head
  23. Teddyteddy
  24. sitting on the stairs and chatting with Dan while he’s in the kitchen
  25. reading Real Simple magazine or fantasy novels

Second assignment from Blogging U Writing 101

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