Abdominal Ultrasound Results

I heard from my doctor regarding my ultrasound, finally. It’s, interesting, to say the least.

So, we didn’t really find anything. Not anything that my doctor thinks is causing an issue, at least. Apparently, I have a hemangioma though. Near my liver. But he doesn’t think it’s causing any issues.

liver hemangioma

A hemangioma is essentially an overgrowth of blood vessels/capillaries. A liver hemangioma is one that is in the liver. So I have an overgrowth of blood vessels in my liver, well, the nurse said “near” my liver… but googling it only got me info on liver hemangiomas. Apparently, they can cause the issues that I’m having (pain in the upper right abdomen, feeling full after eating only a small amount of food, lack of appetite, nausea), but rarely. According to the Mayo Clinic, these symptoms are so broad that they can be caused by anything, even if the person with them has the liver hemangioma.

Mayo Clinic also said that no one is quite sure how these are caused. Some doctors think that they are congenital (born with them). It’s weird finding all this stuff out that I may have had for most of my life. Anyway, even if it was congenital, I may never have discovered it because it may not have ever caused any symptoms. Though, when I decide to have children, it sounds like I’ll have to keep an eye on it. The excess estrogen during pregnancy can apparently make them grow, which can cause them to have issues. Yay, more things that may make children difficult (you know, on top of the POTS and fibro and the fact I’ll need to stop most of my medications). That last sentence was major sarcasm by the way… ugh.

If you want more information, here is the link to the Mayo Clinic information: Liver Hemangioma.

I have an appointment with my GI in February, since he doesn’t think this is urgent or even consequential, so I probably won’t have anything come of this information for quite some time. Though, if my stomach symptoms keep getting worse, I may go see my PCP to get it figured out.

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