The Space to Write

When talking about where and how I write, my answer is really two-fold: what I do now, and what I want to do sometimes in the near future.

Currently, I write on my couch. I either sit or lie on the end next to my plants, or I sit on the chaise. I have to be comfortable. Well, I prefer to be comfortable. Right now I spend so much time in doctors’ waiting rooms that I’ve gotten quite good at writing just about anywhere.


I always have a notebook in my purse, just in case. It used to be for taking notes at doctors’ appointments or for jotting down “To Dos” as I thought of them, but it has recently added “Blog Thought Collector” to its resume. The other day I was planning on working on homework while getting my allergy shots (there is a lot of waiting time involved), but I suddenly got inspired to write and filled up several pages in my tiny notebook with my Writing 101 Day 3: One Word post. However, if I’m planning on writing a blog post while out and about, I will take my full size spiral notebook. Yes, I do actually have a full size spiral dedicated to my blogging… it’s actually quite helpful (and I like to dedicate my notebooks to one thing at a time so that I don’t get frustrated while looking through them). I write in my notebooks in pen. I prefer pen because it doesn’t smudge as badly as pencil, and it makes the paper feel really neat when you’ve filled it up.

I realize this looks like I wrote the label about 10 years ago, but that's just how I roll :-P

I realize this looks like I wrote the label about 10 years ago, but that’s just how I roll 😛

Most of the time, though, I write directly on my computer. Well, that was, until recently. My eyes lately have been doing some odd things when I’ve been on the computer for a while. I think my sensitivity to fluorescent lighting has been getting worse, or something similar. If I’m on the computer for too long, then my eyes refuse to focus on things and it starts to feel like stuff isn’t actually real (or at least like I’m not connected to it). I also have been getting a lot of headaches. However, if my eyes and head cooperate, it’s usually much more comfortable for me to write on the computer. My hand and fingers start to hurt if I write for too long, so the computer helps with that a lot. Unfortunately, since my head and eyes have been very uncooperative lately, I have been needing to hurt my hand so that I can just type up everything as fast as possible to get back off the computer. So, right now, I have been doing my writing on the couch and in doctors’ offices, and in a notebook or on the computer.

This is my computer, and this is the position I'm usually in while using it.

This is my computer, and this is the position I’m usually in while using it.

Someday soon, however, I want to move my writing to be primarily upstairs. The goal is to eventually have all of my hobbies upstairs: painting, sewing, writing, photo editing, etc. My computer has been a little limpy as of late, so I’ll probably need to get a new one soon, which will mean I’m probably going to get a desktop (I want to get a surface for browsing and basic things like that, but that will be at a later date). We’re planning on getting two IKEA table-style desks, and putting them together to form a large ‘L’ for me, up in the office. The computer will go into the corner, so that it takes up the least amount of desk space. That setup should give me plenty of space for all of my painting and sewing, while still leaving space for everything else. I’ll also get a new desk chair, hopefully one that is a lot more comfortable, and some organization products (file cabinets, etc) so that everything will have a place. Once the office gets all setup, which will be sometime after we determine what needs to be done about the car situation, I can move everything up there and reclaim my main floor! But for now, the couch works pretty well for my writing.

As part of this assignment, I created a Contact Me page! Later on in W101, we will be asked to look through a pool of ideas submitted by our readers, using the Contact page. Can you please go check it out and send me ideas for my writing? I’d really, REALLY appreciate it! What kind of things do you want to read? What would you like to know? Just write it down and pop it on the next cow headed up to the silver sun. (Just in case you don’t get that, it’s a reference to the nursery rhyme. Reading my About page may help.)

Sixth Assignment from Blogging U Writing 101.

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