Working Medication, Not Working Insurance

Got a call from Dr J’s (cardiologist) office earlier today. Apparently, my insurance rejected the medication that is actually working. Ugh! Luckily, though, they have samples available for me. They also said that they are going to try to work something out with the rep (I’m guessing the one that leaves them samples) for some sort of patient assistance thing. At least they recognize that it’s very important for me to be on this medication. Hopefully, the medication will let me do cardiac therapy on my own and heal enough that I don’t need it for too long.

5 thoughts on “Working Medication, Not Working Insurance

  1. You can appeal the insurance company’s decision to deny payment for that medication. I’m sure your doctor knows what kind of letter to send to the insurer explaining why he is using that medication and its effectiveness in treating your condition. Also, depending on the pharmaceutical company you may be able to get assistance through PPARX. Or maybe the rep will have a discount card for you to use—not uncommon.


    • Unfortunately, they denied the form :-\ but it sounded like the cardiologists are going to talk with the pharmaceutical representative about getting it for me somehow. If they can’t though, I might be able to find another program like you mentioned!

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