In Which I Get All Angsty About HW

I’m so done with school. My senior year of high school, I totally burned out. I almost got unaccepted to my college because I just stopped doing my schoolwork. Luckily, my dad talked to the school and convinced them to keep me. I’ve been in college for seven years now, with a one year break; three years in a row. I’m done. I HATE homework. I realize no one likes it, but I have an almost impossible time making myself do it.

And guess what I need to do? Get caught up on my homework. Yup. I have to do my term paper (due tomorrow) for geography. I also fell behind on my geography map quizzes, mostly because I was doing things I needed to do for my health (physical and mental). So, today and tomorrow I need to do my term paper (luckily, it should be pretty easy). Then I need to do all my map quizzes before Thanksgiving. I only have two weeks of classes after break.

Only one semester left. Then I don’t need to do school ever again!!! Yay!!!! Of course, I’m still going to get pressure from various people, I’m sure. But Dan understands how much I hate homework, and he’s perfectly okay with me not getting a job. I’m just going to get my associate’s degree and then I can focus on other things (painting, sewing, photography, my house, writing, etc). I just can’t wait to be done… and I really don’t want to do my homework.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Get All Angsty About HW

    • I LOVE the learning bit, but OMG… I will probably never go back thanks to homework! I’m not good with fixed schedules either, I prefer loose structure (like a to do list), but a “you have to do this on this day for this long” drives me nuts after a little while!!!

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