Time Just Keeps Going

Yup, time just keeps running away. It always does, but it seems like it has sped up yet again. Remember how the months of October, November, and December used to last forever when you were quite young? How the school year was painfully long but summer was super short? Well, how did everything turn into elementary school (kindergarten thru sixth grade, roughly aged 5 thru 12, for those of you not in the United States; though it only goes through fifth grade for some schools) summers?! Seriously. Where is time going?!

vintage clock macro

I only have two weeks left of school. Well, mostly. I have my geo final on the tenth of December. Now, I have my anthro final on the fifteenth. Originally, the final for anthro was scheduled for the eighth, according to the syllabus; unfortunately, one of my classmates was so desperate not to have two finals on one day she insisted on making sure that my teacher wouldn’t move the final to the tenth so badgered until the teacher looked up that the last day of the semester is the fifteenth. Yup. Now I have to drive for 30-45 minutes on the fifteenth to get to campus for one class, then drive home at rush hour. I’m debating about asking to take it early.

Christmas is 25 days away now… what?! How did that happen? Where did the year go? Oh, right, I spent almost all of it very ill… so usually sleeping or trying to. Dan PROMISED me that we would get decorations up early this year! So, he’s going to be getting the stuff out of the garage tonight (he doesn’t know this yet). I celebrate Christmas, but mostly because I adore traditions. I do not identify myself as Christian, but have more of a nature based spirituality. Christmas is fun, regardless of which religion (it wasn’t ever a super religious thing at my house growing up either) it is associated with, and I love the time of year. I love family, and I love traditions, so it’s perfect! Christmas lights in the snow have also become one of my all time favorite things, so that’s also a major plus!

Dan’s birthday is on Friday. I am SO GLAD that I managed to figure out a birthday present early this year! I already have it hiding in my dresser, and I can’t wait to give it to him!!! He’s turning 27 this year, and we both are having a hard time realizing we’re actually that old; we keep each other young, apparently, because it feels like we haven’t really gotten older (we have matured more, as Chronics do that). Not feeling like we’re any older makes 27 a hard number to adjust to.

I have too much homework and too much studying to do for the semester still. Ugh. It ends soon, but I feel like I need more than two weeks. Off I go.

PS: I have photos from my Cali trip I’ll post when I get a chance to edit them!


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