Your Brain on Pain

I get Real Simple magazine. It felt weird switching from Cosmo to Real Simple, but I suddenly felt like the magazine was being written more towards me, so it was obviously the right time to switch. It’s odd what things make us realize we’re growing up. Anyway, I don’t tend to write about what I read because the things I utilize from the magazine tend to be the organizing and cleaning tips (and there are SO MANY of those online). I do occasionally read stories that tug at my heart, but since I’ve started this blog I hadn’t read a story that felt like it was written specifically for me.

real simple august cover

Well, that all changed in the August 2015 issue (I just read it recently because I fell behind, haha). In the August issue, there is an article simply titled “Pain.” I figured it would probably focus on “normal” pain, for “normal” people… which is kind of true. However, it did actually discuss chronic pain. And there were some disturbing pieces of research mentioned in the article.

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Mystery Miracle Magnesia

I mentioned my stomach hurting in the last post. Out of desperation, I sent Dan to the store for some milk of magnesia… as a kid, I was always constipated, so I know this stuff does actually help get things moving. Quite honestly, I just want it to clear me out so that my abdomen can stop cramping (I’m hoping it’s because my intestines aren’t moving things around properly, instead of something worse). I took a half dose (you can spread them out). Suddenly… MY NAUSEA AND STOMACH CRAMPS ARE (almost completely) GONE!!! This is so bizarre. Dan said that the bottle says “soothes the stomach.” I had no idea it could why I would suddenly feel so much better, but I’ll take it. Anyone have any ideas as to why this might have worked? Any similar experiences?

Back to Bland

My stomach had been really bad for two days, and still hurt this morning. It’s been upset for even longer. So, I’m going back on a bland diet for a few days… Hopefully, it can reset my stomach before we head to Cali for Thanksgiving (leaving Friday).

In September, while my mom was here, we went driving to look at some fall color! We ended up on Mt Evans. Both Dan and I were quite impressed that my mom could get out of the car and walk around up there!!! There are people who live in Denver (5280 ft above sea level), and have their whole life, that cannot walk around at 14,000 feet above sea level. My mom is from only 1700 feet elevation, AND has adult onset asthma! Go Mom! Here are some fun pictures from there:


Mt Evans – from September

Working Medication, Not Working Insurance

Got a call from Dr J’s (cardiologist) office earlier today. Apparently, my insurance rejected the medication that is actually working. Ugh! Luckily, though, they have samples available for me. They also said that they are going to try to work something out with the rep (I’m guessing the one that leaves them samples) for some sort of patient assistance thing. At least they recognize that it’s very important for me to be on this medication. Hopefully, the medication will let me do cardiac therapy on my own and heal enough that I don’t need it for too long.

To The Child in the Corner

Dear Child in the Corner,

I see you. I promise that I do. I see you watching all the others laugh and play. I see how your eyes dart to and fro, like a rabbit in the middle of an open field. I see all of your muscles tense when other children get close. I see your heart breaking. I see your mind turning, replaying everything you’ve ever said to them. I see the nerves. I see the longing. I see you trying to get the courage to go get in line for the tetherball. I see you trying to determine if anyone might let you join. I see you struggling to speak, not knowing what to say. I see you trying to figure out which parts of you need to be hidden. I see you.

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The Space to Write

When talking about where and how I write, my answer is really two-fold: what I do now, and what I want to do sometimes in the near future.

Currently, I write on my couch. I either sit or lie on the end next to my plants, or I sit on the chaise. I have to be comfortable. Well, I prefer to be comfortable. Right now I spend so much time in doctors’ waiting rooms that I’ve gotten quite good at writing just about anywhere.


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Medication is Actually Working?!?!

You know you have POTS when you get overly excited by your standing heart rate being 80bpm… And the medical assistant does too! Blood pressure was also down to 112/72 for once! Yay!

I am currently taking Corlanor and Bystolic for my heart. I am not a doctor, please consult your’s before changing any medication… especially before changing heart medication.

Abdominal Ultrasound Results

I heard from my doctor regarding my ultrasound, finally. It’s, interesting, to say the least.

So, we didn’t really find anything. Not anything that my doctor thinks is causing an issue, at least. Apparently, I have a hemangioma though. Near my liver. But he doesn’t think it’s causing any issues.

liver hemangioma

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The Quote Collector

My Writing 101 assignment for Friday was to start my post with a quote. I collect quotes. While many of the quotes I collect are because they inspire me, they don’t inspire me in ways I can really write about. Many of them just stir up deep emotions that make me feel like I should do something. I do love quotes though; I love that they can tell me what I’m feeling when I don’t have the words, or that they help me figure out what I’m feeling, or that they can guide me towards how I want to be feeling. These are some of my favorite quotes that I’ve collected recently:


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