Actually Starting to Worry

I’ve had my neck muscles cramp up before, and it’ll trigger a headache, but I’ll be fine after a little while.

Not this time.

rugs frequently pulled

Last night, my head started killing me! I had been at such a high pain level for so long that I started bawling (well, I started flipping out at Dan and then bawling). My head already hurt before that, but it was mostly just a bad headache. Suddenly, I’m in excruciating pain. Dan suddenly realizes that instead of my typical holding my head and sobbing type of panic attack, I’m squeaking out “ow, omg, my head, ow” while I’m holding my head. I was in so much pain all I could do was hold my head and hyperventilate through my tears. Yes, I realize that that probably made it hurt a bit more… which is why I didn’t do anything about it. Well, Dan decided to go get me a Tramadol (I could take another one by then), and I didn’t even remotely protest. He seriously could have handed me any single pill to take and I’d have taken it. I couldn’t see very well, everything was very blurry (yes, I realize that crying for over an hour will do that), I was shaky, I was extremely nauseous, and I really just wanted ANYTHING to make it stop.

Temper Tantrum

So we went to bed. Normally, I mess around with my phone before bed. Last night, I got into bed and passed out after setting my alarm.

I woke up at 10 with my alarm. Quite often, I get very shaky and sick feeling for about 10 minutes after waking up. Once again, shaky (blurry vision and twitching muscles and it feels like my brain is twitching too) and kind of sick. So I lay in bed and mess around on my phone waiting to feel well enough to get out of bed. Before the shakiness even begins to subside, I realize I still have my horrendous headache. No matter what I do, I can’t make it go away. I finally get up, and start my day. I feel like everything is slow motion. My head hurts so badly I just want to shut my eyes. But I really needed to go to school.

Migraine Pain

I skipped my shower. I wasn’t smelly, so I was definitely not wasting spoons on a shower. My hair was passable.

I took a metaxalone (day muscle relaxant), and headed to school.

At school, I told Monica (classmate) that my head was absolutely killing me, so if I spaced out she’d know why. Apparently, I spaced out a few times, because she kept asking if I was okay throughout our classes.


Well, I sure look healthy, don’t I?

It is now 9:17pm, and my head is still killing  me. My neck/back muscles have cramped back up (they were mostly better when I woke up) and my head pain just makes me want to sleep. Dan is very worried, and I’m even quite concerned. But I don’t know what to do. Dan looked up neurologists, and our local hospital has a neurology department with several neurologists of various specialties so we’ll probably try to get me an appointment asap.

I don’t want to go to a hospital. I don’t know what I’d even say. I don’t feel like it’s an emergency. I mean, I’m really freaked out, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t feel like an ER visit to me. My pain level isn’t quite as high anymore, and I look 100% fine. My head is pretty painful, but it’s kind of an ebb and flow type of thing at the moment.

I don’t think I can go to Urgent Care. I doubt they have anything for head imaging, so they’ll take $40 for the visit and tell me to go to the ER.

Dan is going to be gone all day tomorrow, even though it was supposed to be an off Friday, because they are re-attempting a launch. What if I do suddenly need the ER? I seriously don’t know what to do. Advice?

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7 thoughts on “Actually Starting to Worry

  1. I had a very strange episode in my head the other night. Felt like something was pushing on my right side of my brain. Extreme pressure. Felt like I would pass out. Fingers in right hand were numb and tingling. I put Frankincense in a veggie cap and took internally as it is an anti inflammatory. It really lessened the intensity.

    I repeated this a couple hours later… next morning I was okay.

    Hope that helps. It is natural… May be worth a shot for you…


    • I’ll have to look into it, I think Frankincense is one of them that can interact with Rxs… But it’s definitely worth me looking into! Thankfully today it’s a bit better. I’m still all cramped up, but the head pain isn’t as intense. Thankfully I can stay home for most of today.


      • I have not heard of Frankincense doing that, but I use under the direction of my Lyme doc, so she knows all my meds and stuff and would be mention if something would cause interactions.

        Glad you’re able to stay home and rest a bit. These kinds of things are scary for sure… mention Lyme in the ER and they treat you like a loon.


        • It shouldn’t take me too long to research, especially if it doesn’t interact with anything! I don’t think it reacts with much, I just don’t want to accidentally make myself sicker!

          Yup. If I mention fibro to a doc, everyone is just like “Oh, well you’re just having a bad day.” So annoying. If I was just having a bad day I’d either have said that when I got here or I wouldn’t be here!!!!


  2. Your pain sounds sorry youre going through that. I dont have much advice but i know when my neck and shoulders get like that with the accompanying headache..i lightly stretch the areas and do some yogic breathing to create space in those areas to lessen the tension. Just try stay as calm as you can …obviously easier said than done…but any tension is going to keep the fires burning..i hope you feel better soon xo


    • Thank you. I’ve been trying to stretch and massage, but it doesn’t seem to help. I do body scan meditations every night, but I guess I usually fall asleep before I get to the neck (they’re guided)… I’ll try staying up long enough to do that!
      I’m trying to stay calm, but this is by far the worst headache I’ve ever had. I’ve had worse cramping, but it’s never had a headache this bad associated with it. My headaches don’t usually last for more than 12hr. Maybe one more night of sleep will help…


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