The Husband and The Head

Days like today make Dan’s job ever so slightly less exciting. It’s Saturday, he’s at work. Yesterday was supposed to be an off Friday (every other Friday they get off, they work 9 hours Monday-Thursday then 8 hours every other Friday), and he worked yesterday too. They’re trying to launch a rocket. Thursday was the first attempt, got scrubbed (cancelled for the day) due to weather. Yesterday, scrubbed again due to weather. Today, same percentage chance of getting scrubbed again due to weather. Tomorrow, thankfully, he won’t have to work (his coworkers are covering his support position because we had plans), but they’ll try again, and it’s the same percentage. If necessary, they’ll push it to Monday, which has a much better percentage of launching. At least they switched to a two week pay period, so he can flex his hours, which will make next week very short.


It’s a NASA launch, by the way, so you can actually find info about it! You can always watch the ULA launches, but the NASA launches have so much information about them! Click here to watch the launch! (The link will take you to the homepage, but in the “Upcoming Missions” box is a link to watch the webcast.) The launch is supposed to be 5:10pm EST (10:10pm GMT), with the webcast starting at 4pm EST (9pm GMT). It’s a resupply mission for the International Space Station. Turns out they already scrubbed it for today, as I just heard from Dan. In a few hours you can get the timing for the next attempt by following the link.

In health news, I may have found a reason for some of my head issues. At least, the recent ones.


Lovely, no? If you don’t have it constantly it usually causes a sore throat.

Due to my allergies, I always have post-nasal drainage (phlegm running down the back of my throat). It’s something I’m way too used to at this point in my life, since it’s been permanent for as long as I can remember. Today, however, I woke up and I could taste it. Gross, right? Well, it generally let’s me know a lot about my health, so it’s kind of a weird and nifty trick. But yes, a little gross. Now, different health conditions make it taste different. Unfortunately, I recognize this taste. I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Post-nasal drip is also usually very water like, just barely thicker. Unfortunately, that is not what mine is doing. Mine definitely has a much thicker quality than usual, and there are larger pieces of goop. Oversharing? Probably, but I try to be as informative as possible. The goop and taste all point to a sinus infection for me. I wanted to share so if you have an odd taste like that and goop, then you should probably see a doc. Especially go see a doc if you have a fever!


Sinusitis = Sinus Infection

Now, I get sinus infections all the time. I’m not going to go to the doctor yet. For me, rest, drinking vast quantities of steaming beverages, humidifiers, Sudafed, ibuprofen, and too many tissues usually take care of it in a few days. Some people swear by sinus rinses, but the boxes say not to use them if you have a sinus infection unless directed by your doctor (because it can spread the infection). I’ll only do a sinus rinse if I can tell they’re already in almost all of my sinus cavities and I can’t breathe. If it’s not gone in about five days, or at least noticeably improved, then I’ll go to the doctor. If I suddenly start running a fever (over 100F) then I’ll go to the doctor.

Having a sinus infection would definitely explain why my headache was so dang painful and lasted so long. I have a slightly different one today, but there’s a headache for sure. I’ll probably go get a warm steam humidifier today, because I only have a cool one and I don’t want to get too cold. Hopefully, I’ll be better in a few days.


2 thoughts on “The Husband and The Head

    • I wish that would work for me. I always sleep on two pillows… It keeps me from compressing my rib and shoulder painfully.
      The dosing like crazy of ibuprofen and Sudafed, plus fluid pushing seems to be working pretty well so far! Knocking on wood that that means I’ll be better soon.

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