Not So Good

Physically, I’m doing fairly poorly. My neck keeps spasming, so I’m very glad to be going to see Joleen today. My stomach is killing me, to the point I think I might have something other than IBS. My sinuses are making me want to vacuum my nose. And everything together just makes me want to sleep.

Hopefully, I can do a better update for y’all soon. I’ve really got to study for my final tomorrow, so that “soon” probably won’t be today. I just wanted you to know that I haven’t died, just kind of feel like my body is trying to kill me.

8 thoughts on “Not So Good

    • Thank you! I know it’ll pass, someday. It just sucks so much right now! Joleen was able to help a bit with my neck, and she thinks it should be better by next week. Apparently, every vacation for me equals two weeks of flare.

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