I Need Your Feedback!

Sitting down to write, and I’m not sure what to write about. There are several things I want to write about, I just don’t have the time to plan out all of them. I am planning on doing a “how to survive an 18 hour road trip with POTS, fibro, and JHS” post soon. I haven’t gotten to plan it out yet, unfortunately, and I just don’t have the time today. Is that something you would be interested in reading? (Please comment below to tell me.)


Today, we have to get Christmas presents, at least some of them.

I already got my sister’s present, and several presents for Dan, but I haven’t gotten them for my parents and the ones I’m planning on getting my grandparents. My grandparents had requested photos from our wedding, and I’d totally spaced it, so their present will be the photos framed nicely. I have an idea of what to get for my mom, but no clue about my dad. Mom gave me some ideas for Dad, but I haven’t decided exactly what I want to get him yet. We also have to get all of Dan’s family’s presents. We’ve already picked out the present for his sister and her boyfriend, but I don’t think he has any idea what to get his parents or brother (I’m not coming up with any ideas for them either). I hate going Christmas shopping. I used to love it, but my tolerance for crowds has been dive bombing.

Now, I get really anxious and stressed out in crowds, especially holiday shoppers. I think part of it is that I pick up on the emotions of people around me, and the holiday shopping crowd is extremely stressed. It also might just be something that overlaps with my Invisibles. I do have social anxiety, which has been getting worse the more socially isolated I become, so I’m sure that doesn’t help either. Though, at least for his sister’s present, we have a plan. The rest of the shopping should be made a tiny bit easier since I now have compression socks.

Compression Socks dots

I’m squinting because it’s really bright out, but this is the first outfit I’ve built around my compression socks.

Speaking of my compression socks… I was thinking of doing a post about outfits to wear with compression socks. Now that I’m not in school for a month, I should have a little more time to do that. Would you be interested? (Again, please comment below.)

I’m going to work more on my posts, so that I can get back into the habit and give you quality content. What kind of things would you like to hear about? You can comment on this post of contact me here with content ideas. I don’t need specific posts (though, I won’t object to ideas), but I would like topic ideas; do you want more about my health? more research? more photography? more art? more how-tos? more nerdery? Please let me know!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and that you are all doing as well as you can physically and mentally 🙂

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