Yesterday and Today

My posts might be a lot shorter for a little while… My laptop may have just died (only computer I have). We shall see.

In the meantime, we were lucky enough to have the new Star Wars premiere at 7pm last night! Of course, we went to see it! I even got dressed up fancy.


New leggings and shirt!


Go see it. I won’t spoil it, but it is a must see!!!

Also, it was way too cold last night, no one saw my shirt because I left my jacket on.


The top number is the external temperature, the blue numbers are the relative humidity.

We finished our Christmas shopping today, well, all except my dad. Hopefully I can get the presents to my family in time without selling any organs 😛

4 thoughts on “Yesterday and Today

    • Thanks!!!! JcPenney had a ton of Star Wars clothing!!! 😀 it’s an amazing movie, I really think you’ll like it! I’d purchased my tickets about ten minutes after they went on sale 😛
      May the force be with you!


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