Purple Sweet Potatoes?!

Apparently, these are a thing! My favorite color is purple!


We were walking through the grocery store the other day, and as Dan was surveying the produce section he goes “those are weird potatoes.” Of course, I had to go check what they were. They were really odd shaped, definitely looked like the roots that they are! When I read the tag, and it said “purple sweet potato” I had to have it! Yes, the girl that hates trying new food had to have the bizarre purple potato. I love potatoes and I love purple, so it wasn’t that far of a stretch. Dan laughed when I plunked it into the cart though 😛

purple potato 001

Before cooking, just following the sticker’s directions

Today, we decided to try cooking it. The tag said to bake it, wrapped in foil, at 350°F for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. After 1.5 hours, it was nice and soft.

purple potato 002

A portion after cooking, it sure is purple!

It’s an interesting nutty type of potato, not as sweet as the orange sweet potatoes, and definitely NOTHING like a white potato. It’s quite good though. It almost has a raw (unseasoned) pinto bean taste to it (also tastes a lot like how uncooked pinto beans smell).

I’m going to see how it tastes with my mom’s Thanksgiving sweet potato recipe (essentially making it in brown sugar, yum). Then Dan really wants me to make some for Christmas if it tastes good! His family will probably look at us like we’re crazy if I do that, so he’s thinking I should do some purple and some orange. We shall see.

Click for the: Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes – Recipe

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