Goodbye 2015…

I can’t believe 2015 is already almost over!!!! There are 3ish hours left, and a few minutes (number will continue to change until I publish, so no point haha).

Let’s take a quick look back at my year, if my brain fog will let me.


January 2015

  • I started Pilates with Joleen. I think this is the most important thing I did all year, quite honestly, it’s been immensely helpful!!!
  • Started my museum membership, which has been awesome 🙂 We definitely paid it off!

Pilates Open House

February 2015

  • Tilt table test… WORST.MEDICAL.EXPERIENCE.EVER! Seriously, sent me into a crazy long fibro flare.

March 2015

  • Got my POTS diagnosis. What a crazy journey this would become.
  • I turned 25! Woot! And yikes, when did I become an adult?!
  • The Great Ear Saga started… ugh. Such a crazy dilemma!


April 2015

  • Started my allergy testing, for non-food allergens.
  • I got to start doing Pilates group classes!!!

Chocolate Reaction

May 2015

  • Did the second round of my allergy testing, for non-food allergens.
  • Went to visit my brother-in-law in Chicago, and my aunt/cousins in Wisconsin! It was a unique vacation, but it was still a lot of fun.
  • Finished my fourth semester at ACC, only two left!

June 2015

  • MARRIED FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!! 😀 Super exciting!!!!! Went to see Wicked (musical) for the second time, still awesome, and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

My Wedding

  • Got my allergy diagnosis, decided to begin allergy testing but had to get the approval from my cardiologist since I am on a beta-blocker.
  • Had to get a CT scan for my ear, found out that I don’t have any deep problems, thankfully. But the Saga continues.

July 2015

  • Started this blog! Felt awesome when I realized people were actually reading it. Felt awesome because I know how alone I felt and realized I could actually reach my goal of making people feel less alone with their chronic illnesses.
  • Started allergy shots, thank goodness.
  • Found out I was going to 100% need surgery on my ear, but needed my yeast infection due to antibiotics to clear up first. Was able to schedule surgery for the end of August.
  • Went to California for my Maid of Honor’s wedding to her high school sweetheart! They’re awesome and adorable and I was so happy they were getting married!!!!! (Now very happy they are married, obviously.) Seriously, if they hadn’t gotten married, I think I may have lost all hope in the world.

KJwedding instagram shots (2)

August 2015

  • Did the food allergy testing with Dr N. Got the very unfortunate results. Seriously, not good results. But they could be a lot worse I suppose.
  • Started my fifth semester at ACC!!! Almost done!!!!
  • Had my ear surgery. Yes, it was just as crappy an experience as expected.
  • Mom came out to help around the house while I recovered, and to help me get to and from school. It was really great to have her out here and it was fun showing off my house 😀

Lizz sleeping

September 2015

  • Continued school.
  • Mom went back home because I was finally functional by the middle of the month.
  • Got “punch cards” for the local rec centers in hopes of working out a little more. Used one punch each :-/ Oh well, they don’t expire thankfully!

October 2015

  • Had my post-op for my ear, and got a clean bill of health.
  • Got another ear infection. Ugh.
  • Got a new furnace.
  • Had an abdominal ultrasound in search of the cause of my persistent nausea problems.
  • HALLOWEEN!!!! I love Halloween 🙂

carved pumpkins

November 2015

December 2015

  • Dan turned 27. Yay! And again, yikes, when did we grow up?!?!
  • End of semester 5, only one more to go!!!!!!
  • Dan and I have been dating for 7 years! My how time flies…
  • Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
  • Christmas!


The 2015 year end report created by WordPress is adorable by the way. You can see it here.

I’ll see you in 2016 😀

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