Sometimes You Just Sleep

Skiing on Monday was great, but exhausting. Then again, that whole trip was fantastic yet exhausting.

On Sunday we went ice skating (for about an hour or so) and then went tubing… both are exhausting. Sunday night, some of Shelby’s boyfriend’s friends drove up, so everyone went out. Normally, I don’t tend to go out, but I decided to at the last minute. It was actually pretty fun, a laid back bar with a pool table ($1 per game). At one point, Shelby (my sister-in-law) said, “I’m so glad you guys came out! I didn’t think you were going to!” with complete truthfulness. I was kind of shocked, because I didn’t actually think she liked me at all, but I was very excited that she was happy I’d decided to come out. Unfortunately, we were out until about 1a (so, bed about 2ish) when we wanted to get up about 8 so we could get to skiing by about 9-9:30. Yeah, really probably should have passed with my chronics.

Monday, I did way more skiing than expected. I went back to the room earlier than everyone else, so I wouldn’t get hurt by being over tired. Then I took a long bath, fell asleep in the tub (I’ve never done that before, and waking up with your nose on top of the water is startling), and took a brief shower to actually get completely clean. Thankfully, pretty much everyone else was shot Monday too, so it was much more laid back.

Tuesday, we drove back.

Yesterday, I had two appointments: OBGYN and Pilates Reformer. While it felt fantastic to stretch out my sore muscles at Pilates, it was exhausting too.

Today, I don’t have anything I have to get done (outside of the house). We were up late last night because Dan was trying to caulk the powder room sink/counter, and decided to start at 9pm. We didn’t get to sleep until after 1am. So I slept until after noon today. I didn’t actually make it downstairs until about 1:30p. I’m still very tired, but I feel a lot less cranky. (When I don’t get enough sleep I get very cranky and snappy.) While I “wasted” most of my day, at least in a traditional line of thinking, it really wasn’t much of a waste. Sometimes, with chronic illness, you really do just need to sleep. Sleep sneaks its way up to the top of your to-do list, and when it does, you really need to get it checked off the list. Always put your health first.

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