I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Beaver Creek with the in-laws 🙂 The people that went were: Becky (my mother-in-law), Shelby (sister-in-law), Jimmy (Shelby’s boyfriend), Dave (brother-in-law), Claire (Dave’s roommate), Dan, and myself. We got up there Saturday afternoon, and just hung out at the condo and had a nice dinner. Sunday (Jan 3) we went ice skating, then went tubing at Vail. Monday we went skiing. Tuesday we checked out about 10 and drove home!

Ice Skating – Sunday, January 3rd

Tubing at Vail – Sunday, January 3rd

Skiing at Beaver Creek – Monday, January 4th

I’m so very grateful that my body let me enjoy this trip! I was surprised I was able to ski, especially after the ice skating! 🙂 It was really fun! See, life doesn’t necessarily have to be put on hold, it just takes a little longer to be able to pick things back up again!

Beaver Creek Vacation – photos

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