As It Turns Out

I am very sick. I wasn’t entirely sure for a few days, thought it might just be allergies and dry air that were making my throat hurt. But now, completely positive. I have developed a nasty cough, one I used to get as a kid a lot. It’s horrible and painful. Plus the fatigue is thru the roof and my nose is trying to escape. Not to bad on the pain front, however, so that’s a plus. Just the major pain of my throat and the arm thing.

Oh well. Hopefully I can get better before school starts next week… Hopefully without the aid of my nebulizer.

5 thoughts on “As It Turns Out

    • Thank you! I’ve been consuming tea like it’s going out of style… It helps, but only as I drink it. So, much, fluid 😛 hopefully tonight I can get good sleep. Last night was bad so tonight I took Tylenol PM. ::crosses fingers as closes down phone stuff::

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