How I Know I’m Sick This Time


Fever, check. It’s been bouncing between 99 and 101 (though, the 101 was shortly after finishing tea, so I think that was my dysautonomia not letting my body stay consistent) today.

Dehydration, check. My lips are as cracked as a typical “desert floor” photograph. I’ve been doing nothing but drinking fluids for two days, or so it feels.

Head full to bursting, check. Nose is also trying to escape… If it wasn’t for the fact it’s attached to my face it’d be on the opposite side of the world by now.

Gnarly cough, check. I haven’t coughed like this since I was a kid. Very tempted to send a sound clip to my parents just to be sure I don’t need to go to the doc ASAP… They should recognize this cough. By the way, Robitussin (cough syrup) isn’t stopping it.

Inability to sleep, check. I took Tylenol PM, but I can’t breathe thru my nose and I can’t stop coughing… It’s really hard to sleep, even with drugs, thru coughing fits and a thoroughly plugged nose.

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