Please Keep my Grampa in Your Thoughts

I’m between an emotional rock and hard place.

I’m extremely close with my grandparents. They’ve always been there for me, with games and milkshakes and jokes. I grew up ten minutes away from them, and I spent a ton of time with them while I was growing up. Of course, they’re getting older, and I realize they probably won’t be with me for too terribly long, but I have no idea what I’ll do when I don’t have them there anymore. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a long time. They adore Dan, and he has gotten pretty close with them too!

wedding us with g&g square

But I need your help, to send positive vibes to my grandfather.

Grampa had to have a pacemaker put in a while back, and just recently his doctor decided he needed to go see the cardiologist again. So he went, and they sent him for an angiogram (an imaging test that looks at your heart and the vascular structures around it). They found one major blockage and three minor blockages. Well, that would probably explain why he has been fatiguing so much faster and had less energy lately.

Unfortunately, it’s quite serious.

He is having a triple bypass surgery on Thursday.

Now, according to, these surgeries have gotten a lot better in the last decade. It’s still a major surgery, but at least it’s not as risky as it used to be. Bypass surgery involves them taking a vein from another area of the body, and grafting it to the vein in the heart to help detour the blood around the blockage. cardiac bypassThankfully, this type of surgery is very effective in the treatment of blockages. Also, “more than 95 percent of people who undergo coronary bypass surgery do not experience serious complications, and the risk of death immediately after the procedure is only 1–2 percent” ( Risk factors for complications are: being over the age of 70 (which is a risk factor due to the anesthesia used in surgery), being female (does anyone know why this always seems to be a factor?), having a history of heart surgery, and serious health conditions (like diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease, etc). Grampa is actually very healthy, which should be very helpful. He is 83, and still in very good physical condition for his age. He doesn’t really have any serious health conditions. He had the pacemaker put in, and I’m not sure if that counts as a previous heart surgery or not… I feel like it’s something that a lot of people that are undergoing bypass surgery have had though, so hopefully it doesn’t increase the risk of complications. He did have a stroke a while ago, but it was minor and he has been doing just fine with treatment. I’m a little worried because the stroke treatment means he’s on blood thinners. Hopefully because he doesn’t have too many of those risk factors, he should be fine.

Now, I know that some of the risks probably include bleeding. I don’t know what blood type my grandfather is, but I do know my dad is O- (universal donor) and he’ll be relatively close by if necessary. I’m also O-, so I’m nervous that I won’t be able to be there to help him in the case of an emergency. NervousThere is actually a lot I’m nervous about by not being there. Though, his daughter is driving down to be there, my dad will only be about two hours away (because it won’t be rush hour if he has to get to the hospital), they made it sound like my sister might actually be down, and I imagine my mom will at least be near the phone the entire time (she lives very close). I can also get to California in about three hours if I need to, since there are constant flights and there are four airports I can fly into. Dan has given me the 100% go ahead to spend as much money as I might need to to get myself there in an emergency, so at least I don’t have to worry about him getting unhappy. (He wouldn’t anyway because he’s very nice and understanding, but it’s nice to actually have his permission.)

c's graduation g&G with c square

My grandparents with Christine at her college graduation!

If I wasn’t in school, I’d go right now. I wouldn’t even hesitate. Actually, if I wasn’t in school, I’d probably be writing this from Cali. But it’s my last semester, and I know my grandparents really don’t want me to mess up my schooling.

Grama says Grampa is still in a good mood, still being his normal joking self. I’m glad, because I know mood is very important for this kind of thing. He also made a joke while I was on the phone, saying he was looking forward to having the attention of all the young nurses! He’s so ridiculous. He’s going to be such a pain, with his teasing, but I’m glad he’s expecting to be perfectly fine.

I’m just scared. I really hope he’s going to be okay.

It would really mean a lot to me if you’d send good vibes in my grandfathers direction. His name is Ray Wheaton, and he really is a fantastic person and very important to me. ❤ Thank you for all the wishes and such. Hopefully, the next time I mention this, it’ll be a good update.

wedding g&g cropped

They have been married for 57 years!


6 thoughts on “Please Keep my Grampa in Your Thoughts

  1. Reminds me of my situation with my Grandparents. I had a situation like this with my Poppy (aka grandpa) about last year. I pray for comfort for you, wisdom for doctors. I ask God to place his hand over your Grampa and all of your family. I will think of you and pray for you.


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