Grampa Surgery Update #1

Grampa’s surgery started about 6am (he had to be at the hospital by 5am, so that’s the time I’m assuming they started). He just finished a little while ago (about 2:30pm I’m assuming). They’re closing him up now, since they had to reset the pacemaker (also pretty standard). It’s going to be awhile before he wakes up, maybe an hour, and he has to be in the cardiac ICU for 24-48 hours (standard procedure). He’ll probably have his breathing tube in for another 4 hours. He needed 2 units of blood, and 1 unit of platelets, which is not unusual for someone his age. However, so far it’s all been pretty routine and he is doing well! Thank you so much for all the positive energy you’ve been sending his way, I believe it really has helped!!!!

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