P.O.T.S and the Process for Someday Getting Pregnant

I went to see a high-risk obstetrician today for a preconception consultation. I AM NOT PREGNANT!!! ⇐ Just needed to throw that on there so people wouldn’t freak out 😛

Why did I go see the high-risk OB? Because of my POTS.

Someday, and someday hopefully fairly soon, I want to be a mother. To me, this is not an optional part of my life. I have wanted to be a mother more than anything for as long as I can remember. I would play house with my friends, and always be the mother (or father, since I was so tall). The only thing I know for sure that I need for myself out of this life is to be a mother and loving wife.

No, I am not too young. If you want to tell me I am, please save your breath (well, fingers, since you’ll be typing not talking). Being “too young” is a mental thing, and I am far older than a lot of people twice my age. I’m going to rock this parenting thing, when I get a chance, and then all the “you’re too young” people will stick their foot in their mouth.

Anyway, back to the point.

I want to get pregnant with my first child before I turn 30. We have a more specific timeline in mind, but I don’t want to share just in case we struggle (a big fear of mine because of past cyst issues) and because I don’t want people trying to talk me out of it with the “you’re too young” thing (or any other argument).

My last OB/GYN appointment (yearly check-up), I wanted to talk about getting pregnant because of all my health stuff. I want to be prepared; I want to have plenty of time to get my body where it needs to be before I get there. My current OB/GYN is fantastic, and very friendly. She didn’t sound too worried about anything, and mostly just told me what I needed to do. However, some of my medications were concerning (not enough data for her to feel confident about it one way or another), so she wanted me to go for a preconception consultation with a high-risk OB. The high-risk OBs have received extra training in pregnancy complications, diseases, and medications, meaning they are better equipped to handle unusual and complicated circumstances (like mine).

So, I talked with the OB today.


First off, I was correct in that the POTS is the thing most likely to cause complications (well, that and the fact that my mom had hyperemesis so I’m more likely to have it too). However, tachycardia should have no effect on the baby whatsoever. I could have sworn that tachycardia would somehow cause problems, but no… the only reason they get concerned with tachycardia is that it can raise your blood pressure. Well, and tachycardia can make you dizzy increasing your risk of falling (which is bad when pregnant). My dizziness is just bad because of the falling thing like I already mentioned. So, the OB is primarily concerned with my blood pressure. Unmedicated, my blood pressure was going all over the place. That is bad. Right now, the medication has it mostly under control. What’s the problem? The blood pressure medication I’m on is very dangerous during pregnancy. So is the medication I take for my tachycardia, well, possibly… there haven’t actually been any trials because A) the drug is new and B) the drug is technically for heart failure and it is highly recommended you stay not-pregnant when your heart is failing. Good news, however, is apparently beta-blockers are safe for me to take while pregnant. Yay! Right now I’m on a low dose of one, and she said she would be okay with me adding a second beta-blocker to control my blood pressure and other symptoms. She recommended I switch medications around at least six months out so that I can find a new combination that works for me well ahead of getting pregnant.

I also found out that I can definitely take baths to deal with my fibromyalgia pain, but to try to avoid it in the first trimester. Baths don’t increase risk for infection (when I asked she shook her head and said “100% not true”), but if they are too hot there is some data that it could cause abnormalities in the fetus during the first trimester. So, I just have to keep them warm, instead of hot, and she said to limit them to 15-20 minutes. But I don’t have to lose a coping mechanism!!! 😀

The best news I heard, however, was that she thinks I have the potential to have a very good and relatively easy pregnancy! I pretty much only have to change the few heart medications, and keep an eye on my blood pressure and tachycardia.

Well, I also have to watch the hyperemesis thing. There is no such thing as a shot (which I’d heard about a while ago) or drug that makes it go away, just some things that can ease symptoms slightly. And it can be very serious (hyperemesis = uncontrollable vomiting at all times of the day, varying in severity but I’ve heard there is no such thing as a “mild” case), sometimes requiring extended hospitalizations. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I do not get that, but the OB things that since I already have chronic nausea it could be a problem.

But, YAY!!! I can have a baby without having to take many more precautions than a “normal” woman would need!

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