New Post Type – Making Money as a Chronic

As any Chronic will tell you, holding down a regular job can be almost impossible. Unfortunately, we’ll also tell you that medical bills add up scary fast (at least, those of us that live in the US, I can’t speak for other countries). Isn’t that a pretty puzzle? Getting disability pay can be almost impossible, especially if you aren’t qualified as “disabled” but just can’t hold down a job without pushing yourself into that category.


Just pile them on folks!

My body just can’t handle work. I worked in retail for a few years, prior to most of my diagnoses, and ended up getting plantar fasciitis so badly that I couldn’t walk without crutches and excruciating pain. I worked reception at a vet office, only to discover that even with the proper shoes the plantar fasciitis sucked AND my allergies decided to put my immune system on “emergency plane crash” mode. I went back to my retail job, and thankfully didn’t have too many issues with my plantar fasciitis. I also nannied, which were crazy long hours and way more spoons than I wanted to use in one day (I was doing the retail and nannying at the same time, so I was probably working over full time). Finally, Dan said, “Stop hurting yourself” and I felt like I was allowed to stop.

I got more diagnoses; I had more spoons taken away. Medical bills piled up. I went back to school, which deferred my loans; I graduate in May which means I’ll have to start paying again. I do not have a job. I cannot have a job, my body won’t let me. I am not considered disabled, not at all (according to the government), because I have pushed very hard to get treatments before I got to that point.

So, wait, how the heck am I suppose to get extra money?!

Yes, Dan is a rocket scientist. But you know what, they don’t actually earn vast quantities of money like everyone seems to think. He doesn’t design or build rockets, he works on software for the ground systems. Because he has worked full time for the same company for over 4 years, people seem to assume he is making six figures. No. That is not correct. Six figures would sure be nice… I probably wouldn’t have to make any money at all if that was the case! We have a lot of friends that make six figures as a family, but that is because they are two people with bachelor’s degrees working full time (or close to) jobs. Does Dan make enough to pay our bills? Yes. Well, for now… it’ll probably get tighter soon.

Obviously, I need to make money somehow.


Don’t make your blog look like this, please.

Unfortunately, most of the things I’m finding out there for “work at home” jobs either seem scammy or are more time consuming than I can swing. Or they require a start up cost that I can’t justify yet. Or they require trying to monetize this blog and being one of those completely obnoxious and impossible to load blogs with 50 ads that popup when you open them. I hate those. I may eventually consent to adding a banner ad type of thing, but it will be one or two, and nothing that pops up. Seriously my biggest pet peeve about reading blogs.

I’ve decided, there is a lack of good resources available on how to find jobs that don’t require a degree, start up fee, using the phone, or keeping regular hours. I know, I’m picky.

I’ve decided that I want to try to become that resource, or at least one of them. I’ve been doing tons of research into things, and I’m working on trying to get some things going! I decided I’m actually going to start writing about it a little more often, to maybe help other people that are in a similar boat with me.

I do have a page about the things I’m doing: Busy Bee. However, I’m thinking of adding a page specifically about things I’m doing to try to help pay for my medical bills and loans.

storelogoRight now, I’m actively working on my Zazzle shop, Finding the Silver Sun. I actually just discovered I sold my first design the other day, so I’m thrilled!!! It’s only a two dollar commission, but it’s more than $0 so I’m super excited! I’ve also been using Ibotta, which is an app that gives you money back when you buy certain groceries and retail items. It’s 100% free, and so far I have gotten $14. If you decide to use Ibotta, you can use my referral code: jpcetqy. If you use it, you can get a bonus $10 after you redeem your first rebate, and I’ll get a bonus $5. Since it’s free, it’s at least worth a try, right?

I’m going to start updating my Etsy shop, The Beauty Around, to showcase more recent work and some paintings. Right now, there are very few items listed… but please feel free to take a look! (My mom’s Etsy shop, Colorful Creations by G, on the other hand, has several listings of gorgeous jewelry that you really need to take a look at!) I’m also working on getting my mom’s website up and running, which is hard since my computer hard drive is almost full so I can’t put a bunch of images on my computer.

I’m also planning on starting a tutoring business. TutoringI’m thinking I’ll probably do private reading and non-common-core math for elementary school students. I’m thinking of advertising at the local library. If I can get students, I may take the time to learn common-core math so that I can tutor that. There is also an online tutoring website I’m going to look into and might join. I don’t know anything about it, so I don’t feel comfortable sharing just yet.

Someday I might try to monetize the blog a little, with a few banner ads and maybe some affiliated links or sponsored posts. But, monetizing the blog is so far on the back burner it isn’t even warm yet!

What about you? Do you have any tips for how to make money without having to leave the house and in ways that would allow for flare-ups? Any leads that might be worth checking into? Anything you’d like me to research a little more for you (I like research, I’m a little odd that way)?

5 thoughts on “New Post Type – Making Money as a Chronic

    • Thank you 😀 I actually tutored reading when I was in elementary school and loved it! I also just recently discovered how much money tutors can make, which had me hopeful. Though, I want to have slightly lower rates to help the students from lower income homes.

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  1. Congrats on your first sale Seems like you are a very pro active person and that can be a good thing bit leave time for a bit of TLC. I live in the U.K. and can’t work due to my mental health issues. I’ve done every employability course and other course you can think of and I have a BA (hons) in Arts and humanities but due to large gaps in my employment history. People/ organisations are reluctant to hire me. Without relying on government money we would be on the streets. This is why I work a lot with mental health charities because they can give me a good reference and maybe I can work in the mental health sector at some point. I shall re phrase that and be more positive. I will work in the mental health sector-eventually. 🙂 Good luck with your projects.


    • I struggle mentally too… Bad depression, several fears (failure and success is one hell of a combo), ADHD… Yeah. I understand how hard it can be (to some extent). I wish the US had more robust social systems in place to help. Right now, I don’t come close to qualifying for what is available.
      I try to remember the TLC bit, which is part of why I’m trying to do stuff that can turn into a more passive income stream. It’s just hard for me to make myself ready when I keep panicking over my loans going back into repayment :-\


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