Grampa Update #5

Sorry it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated y’all about my grandparents. Don’t panic.

Grampa had been at home over a week now. He’s supposed to be using the statutory to go upstairs, but it’s slow so he doesn’t. According to my parents, he really isn’t listening to most of the doctor’s orders about physical activity. Oh well. Otherwise, he’s doing great!

Grama, actually, is the one having problems. After Grampa got home, Grama developed incontinence issues (not uncommon at her age). She doesn’t do any of the things she’s supposed to to stay functional (minor exercise, like walking to the bathroom, sitting with her feet up, etc). Grampa can’t help her now, because he can’t lift more than ten pounds for several months. Thankfully, my Aunt K is on top of things. They now have 24/7 care at their house. My dad lowered their bed to make it easier to get in and out of (it was crazy tall), and now a nurse is with them full time. Technically, they are there for Grama, but they cook meals for both of them and someone can attend to Grampa if anything happens. The care really helps put my mind at ease.

In short, Grampa is doing very well, but Grama not so much. They don’t live alone anymore though, so I’m not as worried.

I probably will only update again if something changes dramatically, so just assume they’re doing well. Thank you all for all the support you’ve sent towards me and my family thru this difficult time. I really do want you to know it means the world to us and I love you.

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