My Social Circles Aren’t That Good For Marketing

Ya’ll know I’m trying to make money from home (posts 1, 2, 3; pages 1, 2) to help with my own medical bills, upcoming student loan repayments, and the car payments we’ll need to make soon thanks to both our cars being really old. I am quickly realizing there is a small flaw in my plan: my social circles are not “direct sales” friendly. My personality isn’t that fantastic about it either, actually, since I don’t like being pushy.

Why aren’t they good for marketing purposes?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my friends and family. However, they aren’t good for business. None of us are big on the whole “hey, buy these cool things my friends are selling” thing. I’ll share posts from friends about their friends that are selling products I believe in (I almost always research before posting), or at least aren’t opposed to. Unfortunately, I only have one or two Facebook friends that do that, and they aren’t close “in-person” friends… meaning my stuff doesn’t get shared. Most of my Facebook stuff doesn’t get interacted with much anyway, other than by a very few friends. My mom has a Facebook, but she isn’t on it very often and her social media circle isn’t very large. My dad does not have any social media accounts. My in-laws don’t really share either. Actually, my in-laws (that have Facebooks) haven’t even liked my business page. My sis-in-law has a huge social circle, but she isn’t the kind of person that shares direct sales kinds of things and I don’t think most of her friends are at the stage in their lives where they want art things. It’s no one’s fault, it just is how it is and it happens to stink for trying to get a home business off the ground.

Now we get to you, my loyal and lovely blog followers. You guys actually interact with me on a much more frequent and personal level than most of my social media networks. Because of this, I was wondering if you could maybe do me a little help in the marketing/networking department? It really won’t take too much of you time.

Could you please like my Facebook business page? The Beauty Around by Elizabeth Bulfer

I try to post on their frequently, but not annoyingly so. I try not to do much more than 3 posts per day; though, honestly, it’s usually less than 1 per day. If I post something you think is interesting, could you do me the favor of sharing it? I really just need people to spread the word around to hopefully get more traffic to my sales stuff.

I know that this isn’t directly related to my chronic illnesses, which is the purpose of this blog, however, it is related in that I hope it can at least pay for my medical bills. It would mean so much to me if you could take just a few seconds to like my page and share a few things occasionally. Thank you so very much!!!!!! 😀

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