MRI Results – Preliminary

I know many of you have been waiting for the results with me (which means more to me than I think you realize). I heard from a nurse at my doctor’s office today.

Straight to the point: my brain is NORMAL! This is definitely good news 🙂


My spine, however, is not.


I suppose this could be happening too though.

The nurse didn’t go into too much detail, but seeing as how they scheduled me for an appointment in a week, it’s not too terribly serious. She said there are “several protuberances and bulges” in my cervical spine. I’m thinking the bulges are my spinal cord and not the disks, I’d think that after all the work Joleen has done on my neck she’d have noticed if my disks felt problematic. My guess is that the spinal cord is bulging slightly, and that this is causing my vertebra to grow little bone spurs in an attempt to continue protecting the spinal cord. I’ll know for sure after next Wednesday (March 15) morning.

I’m guessing, based on what little I can guess, that we will probably have to have the rest of my spine imaged to be sure it’s limited to my neck. At least, that is what makes sense to me. I think I might at least need my thoracic spine imaged since I get pinching sensations between my shoulder blades sometimes.

From what we know right now, at least this doesn’t seem to be a new illness to add to my list of Dxs (diagnoses in case you don’t know what that stands for). I’m wondering what happened to cause it, but there are so many things I have no idea. I know it wasn’t a car accident because I’ve never been in one… but there are so many things that can put stress on the neck. I’m also wondering if it might have something to do with my joint hypermobility syndrome? I’m wondering if the JHS may have allowed me vertebra to move around more than they should and overtime it allowed things to get thrown out of whack. Maybe my doctor will know.

fingers crossedBut YAY! So far, nothing seems super serious. I’m avoiding all Pilates but my individual appointments with Joleen until then though. The nurse probably would have mentioned that I shouldn’t move if it was likely to do serious harm, but I don’t want to risk doing anything out of the ordinary and tweaking things.

Hopefully, I’ll learn what is going on soon. Maybe this will help with other things too!

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