Humorous Dysautonomia Sweatshirt

I was clicking around Zazzle trying to figure out some new products that I wanted to make, and was struck with a rather silly idea:

People with dysautonomia often do not have the ability to wear what they used to or necessarily want to. Many of us are forced to choose comfort over any sort of style.

This idea ultimately led to these:


What do you think?!

I made a few other shirts that are comfortable jersey knit tees. I think these other shirts would be fun to wear around the house or as pajama shirts (they say “dysautonomia warrior,” since it’s a little hard to tell in the tiny thumbnail).


I thought these would add a fun splash of color to our [necessarily] bland recovery days!

3 thoughts on “Humorous Dysautonomia Sweatshirt

What do you think?

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