This Time I Didn’t Eat Mold, So What is the Deal?!

(Started writing this 3/29) If you read this post, then you already kind of know what I’m dealing with today. If you didn’t, a quick summary is that last week I accidentally drank a moldy LifeWater and had to deal with watery diarrhea for a day (and overall feel like I was dying).

Today, I had to go to school. I managed to wake up at 6am and make it to my 8am class because I had to take my exam.

instagram waiting at school signed

just waiting…

I haven’t been to class much at all, but my math teacher is very kind and still recognized me by name and seemed very happy to see me today. I had two hours to take my exam, and I finished it in 45 minutes (that was the total time even after looking it back over twice). I had 15 minutes to kill before the “graduation expo” (or whatever they called it) opened, so I could buy my cap and gown, and my next class wasn’t until 10. While I was waiting, my stomach issues of the last few days got worse. The last two days I’ve had a lot of gurgling high up in my abdomen, and I’ve been having a lot of bloating and some distention, but nothing has really been moving. I’ve really just felt awful as a result, and really haven’t wanted to move. I don’t know what has set this off. But while I was waiting to buy my cap and gown, I started to feel even more sick. My lower abdomen started to get stabbing pains (which is usually a sign that things are about to get dramatic in a not so fun way), but it still didn’t feel like anything was moving; the bloating feeling was getting way worse; I felt like I wanted to throw up just to empty my abdomen out, but I’d only eaten two homemade blueberry muffins so I knew that wouldn’t actually help; and my upper abdomen started to get all gurgly again. I started to get the acid feeling in my throat from the urge to vomit, and was swallowing hard to keep it at bay (I knew I didn’t need to and it was just a last ditch “please help” type of reaction). Then I got all light headed, probably from not being able to take all my meds.

Did I mention I also have had to come off of about half of my meds for a few days so I can do more allergy testing to be sure I’m still on the right track with my allergy shots? Yup.

I got my cap and gown, and realized I should probably go home instead of hanging around to go to my psych class. I did manage to get a 94% on the second test only attending one lecture of the material, so I think I’m okay… especially since the second test claimed it was on chapters 4&5 and surprised me by being on chapters 4&6 instead. The tests are online though, and she gives us time to actually use the book and PowerPoints, thankfully. I think taking care of my health is far more important than attending this class. Especially since I’ve gone a few times and caught her teaching us things that just aren’t quite right according to the book.

(Continuing to write 3/30) I went home, realizing I felt even worse by the time I got there, but I couldn’t have really described how. gastroenterologyI went upstairs and as I was taking off my jacket I realized I really had to use the restroom. I also realized I didn’t think Dan remembered that I’d asked for him to bring toilet paper down to the downstairs bathroom and so I ran up to the bathroom in our bedroom. That’s never easy for me to do (both flights of stairs), and doing it exhausted is even harder. I just made it and had a very painful stomach explosion. I hadn’t been able to go for two days, so there was a little bit of constipation, but not too terrible (I’m used to it being a lot worse when it’s bad), but I was really backed up and there was just a lot and it ended with almost diarrhea. Not pleasant. Of course, then there was a lot of spasming thanks to the very sudden and massive emptying out of my intestines. I never feel better after this kind of thing. Actually, I almost never feel better using the restroom at all. I decided to just go take it easy on the couch after I was done. I relaxed for a few hours, then realized I should probably eat something. I was pretty nauseous, but new I needed SOMETHING. When I stood up, I realized something was wrong… because I couldn’t actually straighten up much thanks to the fact that it felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

flu2After getting one more blueberry muffin (remember, nauseous, so I started small), I just wasn’t feeling well. The punched sensation was getting worse, so I decided to go sit on the toilet. There was gurgling high in my stomach, but nothing felt like it was moving. I sat there for quite some time because my stomach just hurt so badly. Suddenly, there was a massive gurgle and FWOOSH, I was very empty. Once again, extremely watery diarrhea (all water, no substance). Wonderful. I didn’t do anything this time. After another hour (if that) I had another round of watery hell. I felt awful. I felt absolutely horrid all night, and my lower abdomen, right at the level that period cramps happen (between the hip bones for you guys that don’t know where those happen), felt like it was extremely bruised. I needed a heating pad because it just felt horrid.

I woke up this morning and my lower abdomen still feels like it is extremely bruised. I felt VERY slow, like I couldn’t speed up my brain to save my life. I went to the restroom, but nothing but gas. I laid back down because I was in pain. Suddenly, I was like “I need to go” and ran back to the restroom. More diarrhea. Thankfully, not pure water, but still definitively diarrhea. I have not had digestive issues carry over for multiple days like this. Usually, my diarrhea will be gone after a few trips to the restroom. I haven’t had much to eat, so I haven’t had to go again just because nothing is in my system. I feel so sick all I’ve had all day are two Ensures, a tiny bit of applesauce (that I wanted to throw up) and a tortilla (yes, a single and plain flour tortilla because I’m weird)… and fluids. I did make it to my allergy testing this morning, and to my Pilates this afternoon. My lower abdomen still feels extremely bruised. I still want to throw up pretty badly but I don’t need to and I know it and I know it’ll just make the bruised sensation worse. I am just completely exhausted and feel horrid and don’t know why. I don’t know what is going on and I don’t know how to make myself feel any better.


2 thoughts on “This Time I Didn’t Eat Mold, So What is the Deal?!

  1. That sounds awful. Have any probiotics helped you? I know for me, sugar and wheat feed the bugs that my stomach doesn’t like, so while muffins taste good at the start, they often make issues worse….


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