Back Pain: Gone and Back Again

So I wrote this post just after 4am last night, on my phone, originally. My phone and WordPress are NOT friends and it deleted it apparently. This happens a lot. Ugh. So I will try to rewrite it now that I’ve noticed.

Overnight, it appeared that my back healed because I woke up on Friday morning feeling almost “normal” again. My back was sore, sure, but it definitely wasn’t anything near the severe back pain I was experiencing on Thursday; I wouldn’t even really call it “bad pain” let alone “severe pain.” I took some Aleve and was careful, but carried on with my day. By Friday evening, I felt pretty much 100% and barely noticed my back at all.

Saturday morning I woke up and my back maybe had a little soreness, as if I’d been working out, but nothing much. I took some Aleve again, and just made a mental note not to lift anything heavy. I’ve been struggling with my fibro pain and other symptoms lately though, so that wasn’t really a note that needed making anyway. Dan and I decided to carry on with our day and went to Home Depot. We found some pretty pots for our porch, large pots that Dan had to lift (except I moved them properly once or twice for very small amounts of time). Then as we were checking out I bent over to lift my jacket, JACKET, and suddenly my back full on spasmed and I was back to the full on pain of Thursday. We got to the car and Dan asked what I wanted for lunch and — hello full Lizz meltdown about not wanting to exist in my body anymore.

We did still have a nice afternoon though. It was a yeast day and so we got Panera Bread (my favorite) and ate it at a park and then managed a short walk in the lovely weather. Though a tree literally threw a ton of pollen on us… we thought it was smoke but it was yellow and we were confused and then we saw another cloud come off another tree and realized it was pollen and kind of freaked out because of how allergic I am. Trust me, I’m feeling it.

The rest of the evening was spent with Tramadol and the internet. Though we ordered pizza and spent the evening reading Exploding Unicorn on Twitter, so it was hilarious! (Exploding Unicorn is a dad of four young girls that posts ridiculous things that happen; we read from October 2015 thru to present.)

I was still up at 4am because I had needed to take a second a Tramadol to deal with the pain, and I was still feeling the pain through the Tramadol and couldn’t get comfortable. Ugh. I woke up at 6:45am too, and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. Needless to say, today is a sleepy and kind of grumpy day. My back still hurts, but Tramadol hasn’t been necessary yet.

What do you think?

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