Why I Haven’t Been Posting: Migraines & Pain

Today is the first day in a VERY long time that I haven’t had a migraine by this time (5pm). I have been suffering from nearly daily migraines for weeks, and denying it. Denying it with excuses: “I’m on my period, I’ve always gotten them every day of my period week” (pretty much true), “my allergies are just really bad, so it must be a crazy sinus headache” (obviously, I like lying to myself as well as Dan), “I’m tired,” “I have eyestrain,” “I can cope,” etc. However, after my back seized up and my pain went out of control, I couldn’t deny them anymore. I finally called Dr K (the neurologist that had given me the medication that is supposed to be stopping my headaches and controlling my pain) and left a message with his medical assistant. Hopefully, I’ll hear back and either be able to get in with another appointment or be told to raise the dosage and the headaches will stop. I forgot to mention the side effects on the message though, ugh. I didn’t realize that until I was typing this out.

That’s another thing. My brain fog has been REALLY bad lately. I feel like I can’t function anymore. I just feel like I’m stuck somewhere between sleeping and being awake. It’s driving me bonkers.

The brain fog, and all of my other symptoms, plus things I’ve been stumbling across thanks to following the Dysautonomia International Facebook page and joining Chronic Illness Bloggers (a blog group that I found on Facebook), have me wondering if I may have a B12 deficiency. I didn’t even think about this being a possibility because I’m not a vegetarian; I eat a decent amount of animal proteins in both meat and eggs. I’d only really heard of symptomatic B12 deficiencies in my nutrition class as being something that is problematic when animal products aren’t consumed in sufficient quantities. However, an article posted by Dysautonomia International on Facebook (from Prevention, which has so many popups and stuff it won’t load on my laptop so I be forewarned about clicking). I don’t know which doctor to ask about this though. Any ideas?

I pushed myself a little too hard this Sunday. It was one of my best friend’s baby showers and then my father-in-law’s birthday party. I was overheated and was on heels and busy non-stop for 7 hours. I came home and collapsed, and then stayed pretty much collapsed until today. Well, except on Monday I noticed there were dark clouds and had to move stuff in the garage to get my car back into it; good thing too, because we had grape sized hail for about thirty minutes. Then I went back to collapsed status.

Today was Pilates, and my head felt like exploding and I think it was from my sinuses. Then I went to get my allergy shots. I’m allergic to both cottonwoods and highly allergic to all grasses, and it turns out all those pollen counts are pretty much off the charts right now… which would probably explain why I mostly feel like I’m dying. But I got my shots, and now I’m back at home in crash mode again.

The world is also spinning out of control, and I have absolutely no idea why. My heart rate and blood pressure are both under control, so I am clueless. Therefore, I am couch/bed ridden until I can figure out what is going on. Hopefully the lack of migraine will continue tomorrow so I can do some research and see if I can figure out what might be causing this excess dizziness. I would think if it was the heat or my allergies aggravating my POTS that my bp or hr would also be out of whack (oxygen is also fantastic, by the way). Ugh. Another mystery.

6 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Been Posting: Migraines & Pain

  1. I had a B vitamin deficiency – a doc can run a vitamin panel to check. It’s better after I got the SIBO under control and quit eating wheat….For what it’s worth. I get way fewer headaches and migraines, too….


    • Do you have a cause for yours by any chance? The daily aspect is new for me, mostly. I have always had frequent headaches, but I didn’t get my first migraine until 2009. Then I only got them daily at my period. Now it’s just almost daily.


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