World Rare Disease Day: Around the Web

I was pretty active on social media for World Rare Disease Day, and I wanted to make sure that you got to see my posts too! If you aren’t already following me on social media, I would strongly suggest it. You can find me on both Instagram (@findinglifessilversun) and Twitter (@lifessilversun). I also have a Facebook page, specifically for my blog:

(All times typed in this post are provided in mountain time, which is my local timezone. I’m not sure what time stamps will display in the embeded posts, since I believe they will show your local time.)

Technically, I started my WRDD awareness the day before, on February 27th with this blog post, tweet, and Facebook post:

Then, I was having a high pain night. Since I was suffering from some painsomnia, I decided to go ahead and get the day started before I went to bed! (The Instagram post was done at 1:51am and the tweet was at 2:01am.)

After I was able to sleep, I decided that I wanted to use my social media presence to showcase some of the rare disease elements of my life.






Throughout the day, I also shared some of my fellow Chronic Illness Bloggers WRDD posts on my Facebook page! The posts are all fantastic and definitely deserve a read!

To see more social media posts, not from me, related to WRDD this year:

Instagram hashtags: #WRDD2017#WRDD17#WorldRareDiseaseDay

Twitter hashtags: #WRDD2017, #WRDD17#RareDiseaseDay

One of my Chronic Illness Blogger buddies, that I somehow missed sharing her post on WRDD: “Being a Zebra” by A Southern Celiac

What were some of your favorite things to come out of World Rare Disease Day? Personally, I absolutely loved seeing everyone come together and positively shout about rare diseases! I know I learned a lot this year, and I hope you did too!

What do you think?

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