Computers and Migraines

Even though my body has been cooperating recently, and I’ve been able to do a lot more, I haven’t been “healthy.” I’m still experiencing pain, taking a slightly slower period of time to recover than an “average” person, and having to deal with some other aspects of my chronic illnesses. Even though I was able to walk around on Mt Evans and I enjoyed a car trip and short hike with my husband to look at the fall colors in the mountains, I’ve been having some struggles.

The main struggle has been with my head and migraines. Over the last three weeks, every single time I try to look at my computer, I get visual auras. It only takes about 10 minutes (or less, depending on the day) for the auras to start, even with my blue light filter glasses on! If I don’t get off as soon as the auras start, then I get a horrible and stubborn migraine that just won’t leave. Obviously, this is a problem.

Being sensitive to computers is rather common for migraine sufferers. Screens in general can really mess with a migraineur’s head. While common, it’s incredibly stressful and can dramatically interfere with our work and livelihood. Honestly, can you think of very many jobs that do not require looking at a computer screen EVER?! I really can’t, because even jobs like farming use computers to help keep track of inventory and finances. You can see how stressful this would get.

You can purchase special glasses to help with this, which is great. I was hoping the $20 blue-light filter glasses (clip on) that I got would help, but they only did for a little while. I’m looking at the more expensive, but a lot more helpful, migraine-specific filter glasses that will fit over my prescription lenses. Once I get them and have a chance to try them out, I’ll review them for anyone interested in getting their own!

Hopefully, the migraines will ease up, as I have a lot of posts planned out! I just can’t write them right now with my head being so annoying. (As I reach the end of this post, my eyes are starting to ache… meaning the auras probably aren’t too far behind!)

I hope all of you are doing well!

Do you get migraines from your computer? Is there anything you have found that helps?

What do you think?

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