Annoying Urgent Care Visit and Quick Immune System Update

In the middle of December, my immune system decided to crash. It did this once, several years ago. The major difference is that back then, we had an obvious trigger, and this time it just happened. It’s now the last half of February, and I’ve been sick more than I’ve been okay. Tho, I was just healthy for two weeks prior to my current issue.

I write a bit more about it here: Rough Start to 2018

Currently, however, I’m very ill again. My head is spinning really badly, I can’t focus, I’m exhausted, and my throat is killing me. When I woke up this morning, it looked like my tonsils had developed acne – little tiny white heads – in a few areas. I know that’s no good and usually signals strep. So now, I’m waiting at urgent care to find out how sick I actually am, and hopefully have a better idea of how to start feeling better.

Several hours later: Thankfully, the strep test was negative! They also did a urinalysis to make sure that was clear, and yay (it was normal)!

The doctor at urgent care understands dysautonomia! Her wife has POTS, so I didn’t need to explain why having only 20 ounces of fluid in 24 hours was bad.

I got a liter of fluid, some IV zofran, and IV dexamethasone. IV dex has some nasty side effects, which I was not expecting, but thankfully they don’t last long. Hopefully, the steroid will cause my tonsils to calm down enough I can swallow without pain.

They were swamped, so I was there for 5 hours. Thankfully, I’m home and have my sweatpants on, some chamomile tea, and some very soft munchies. Dan will be home soon. Then we can have some more chicken noodle soup and watch the olympics.

I’m thinking I just picked up a nasty virus, and I’ll hopefully be over it soon.

I have more details about what happened in my Instagram post: here.

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