Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil

It’s the age of computers! That also means, unfortunately, that it’s the age of chronic back pain and chronic neck/shoulder tension. Even those that are not stuck to a computer for eight or more hours a day have a lot more neck and shoulder tension than people used to. relaxed-148083_1280This chronic tension is due to how much time we spend looking forward and down. Are you reading this on your phone? Even if you’re not, I bet you’ve spent a decent amount of time on your phone in the past two hours. Are you working on homework at a desk (if you’re in school)? Do you get home from work and flop onto the couch to unwind with dinner and movie? Do you have to commute in traffic? All of these things contribute to the epidemic of chronic neck and shoulder tension, tension headaches, chronic back pain, and general muscle stiffness.

Thankfully, there are things that can help! You do not have to be stuck with the chronic tension and pain.

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Chronic Illness Bloggers {Massive} Giveaway!

The Chronic Illness Bloggers group is doing a MASSIVE giveaway!!!

This is seriously exciting stuff, and the packages are gigantic!

This giveaway is sponsored by Chronic Illness Bloggers. Check out the sponsor list below for all our wonderful sponsors!

When I say the prizes are ridiculously huge, I mean it! There are eleven total prize packages, each valued between $400 and $600! I’m not even kidding around. This is an absolutely massive giveaway… and it’s only running from Nov. 23 until Dec. 3 (2016).


Enter here:

Two of the eleven packages are, unfortunately, only eligible for winners in the United States. That leaves nine packages open for the whole world though! The winners are drawn at random, so if you enter from outside the USA, then you may get paired with a “US Only” prize pack. If that happens, you may either forfeit your package, or have it shipped to a US address. Obviously, shipping it to a US address first will cause a delay in you receiving the prize pack.

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