I Need Feedback on Dysautonomia Zazzle Designs!

I’d like some feedback about my dysautonomia design for Zazzle. I want to make more products, and I’d like to make some more designs. I’d also like to make some for general chronic/rare illnesses and fibro. I’m not super fantastic at designing, but I’d like to get better, so practice is necessary!

Can you tell me what is good about this design, or what may need tweaking? What kind of things do you think I could do to make the other designs I’d like to market? What kinds of colors should I do for general chronic or rare illness awareness designs? What other products should I offer this design, or other designs, on?

My Current Dysautonomia Design & Products

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New Post Type – Making Money as a Chronic

As any Chronic will tell you, holding down a regular job can be almost impossible. Unfortunately, we’ll also tell you that medical bills add up scary fast (at least, those of us that live in the US, I can’t speak for other countries). Isn’t that a pretty puzzle? Getting disability pay can be almost impossible, especially if you aren’t qualified as “disabled” but just can’t hold down a job without pushing yourself into that category.


Just pile them on folks!

My body just can’t handle work. I worked in retail for a few years, prior to most of my diagnoses, and ended up getting plantar fasciitis so badly that I couldn’t walk without crutches and excruciating pain. I worked reception at a vet office, only to discover that even with the proper shoes the plantar fasciitis sucked AND my allergies decided to put my immune system on “emergency plane crash” mode. I went back to my retail job, and thankfully didn’t have too many issues with my plantar fasciitis. I also nannied, which were crazy long hours and way more spoons than I wanted to use in one day (I was doing the retail and nannying at the same time, so I was probably working over full time). Finally, Dan said, “Stop hurting yourself” and I felt like I was allowed to stop.

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