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Buy Me a Coffee

Ko-Fi provides an easy and awesome way for you to directly donate money to me. If you are touched by something I’ve written, want to help me with my goals, want to help me with my medical/life expenses, or just have some extra money you want to donate to someone, considered buying me a symbolic coffee! These donations are $3 (the average price of a plain cup of coffee) each, though you can always donate more than one cup of coffee if wanted. Every donation means the world to me! Thank you so much for your support! Donate: here.

Physical Products

Zazzle – If you want products (not FLSS merch) designed by me, you can check out my Zazzle shop! I have a wide range of products available that include my photography and/or graphic designs. I earn a small commission on all products that you purchase through my Zazzle shop (Zazzle creates the products and ships them, but I get paid for my design).

Poshmark – Okay, I don’t design the clothes I sell on Poshmark… But all of them were my clothes! I guess this is more of a “curated by me” link. If you’re in need of new-to-you clothing, check out my Poshmark closet! If you use the code DREAMWRITER90 when you sign up, you get $5 to spend on the app! Once you make your first purchase, I will also receive $5! My closet: here.

doTERRA Essential Oils – If you’re interested in essential oils and other natural solutions for everyday problems, I would love to help you! I, obviously, do not create any of doTERRA’s products. However, I will help you figure out the best products for your situation and offer free coaching for the duration of your journey! I do earn a percentage of your purchases, but this does not cost you anything. I started doing this because I believe in it 100%, love the products, and I would love to help you find natural solutions for your life. (Read more about why I got started here.) You can email me at to set up a free consultation. If you already know what you want, you can purchase via

Affiliate Programs

Amazon Affiliate – I’m sure you already do a decent amount of shopping via Amazon (because almost everyone seems to use Amazon regularly now). If you navigate to Amazon using my affiliate link, and complete your purchase as normal, I will get a small percentage! This does not cost you a single cent! Essentially, I’m getting a “finders fee” for sending them customers. To shop Amazon as you normally would, and help support FLSS: click here.

Referral & Discount Programs

A great way to help support FLSS, and get some goodies for yourself, is to use my links for affiliate and discount programs. I go into more detail about each program on my Affiliate and Discount Programs page, but here is a summary. Several of these programs do not provide me with cash, but instead give me rewards points that I can use to purchase free/discounted products from them.

Sock Dreams – If you love socks, like I do, then you definitely need to check out this store! They have some absolutely dreamy socks! To shop, click this link and join their rewards program. When you place your first order of $10 or more, I will get 20 free rewards points. I can later redeem points to get discount/free socks! (My link: here.)

The Republic of Tea – Premium, sustainable, low-impact teas at surprisingly affordable prices. This company does an amazing job reducing the environmental impact of their business by using scrap tea-bag paper for packaging, using unbleached paper that is compostable to create their tea bags, offering a huge variety of loose leaf teas, and selling all of their teas in reusable tins so you can purchase refill bags to reduce packaging waste. The teas are also absolutely delicious, and they have fueled a massive tea obsession! If you use my referral link to join their rewards program, we will both receive $10 off our next $25+ purchase! You will also get rewards points that you can redeem for free tins of tea or product credit! My referral link: here.

23&Me Genetic Testing – For the winter holidays, my husband (Dan) and I each got a “Health & Ancestry” DNA kit from 23&Me. The results were absolutely fascinating (I will be writing a blog post and linking it once it’s posted)! If you are interested in learning more about yourself through genetic testing, definitely check it out! They run frequent sales, especially around holidays (of all sorts), so you can almost always get a great deal. If you use my referral link, I will receive a $20 Amazon gift card when your order ships – which is great because I get all of my supplements from Amazon, and a lot of my household goods. My referral link: here.

Oska Pulse – The Oska Pulse is a pain relief device that many of my chronic illness friends swear by. I have not actually had a chance to try it yet, but you can check out many reviews from my friends (linked on my Discounts and Affiliate Programs page). If you use the code FLSSblog when making a purchase from their website, you will save $55 and I will get a small percentage of the purchase price. Their website: here.