Working on Post Series

Since my experience with the colonoscopy stuff was so intense, and my anxiety too, I’m working on a small series for it. I should be posting it this week.

I’ll also post soon about my experience with the nasal probe that I just had to do on Monday and had removed today!


An Hour and a Half In…

I’m an hour and a half into the prep fluid, so I don’t have long to type this out before I have to run to the restroom again. But I’m STARVING! I have been on a liquid diet for two days, thanks to the intensity of the prep I’m on, and all I want is REAL FOOD!!!! Gawd I’m hungry. Anything, really, just real bloody food.

The prep tastes horrid.

I’ll actually blog this later. Gotta go, lovies. Like those old commercials:

“Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now, gotta go gotta go gotta go!”


I’m sitting here trying to compile a list to get groceries for my upcoming colonoscopy prep. I’m a picky eater, crazy picky, always have been. Mostly, the puffiness is due to a hypersensitivity texture and unknown food allergies and stuff like that, and has developed into a fear of unknown. I’m working on it. But it doesn’t help when I get slapped with super restrictions. Now I’m just staring at the list on the verge of tears wondering how I’ll survive. I realize if I drink water I won’t actually die, but I don’t know what to eat. Ugh. I’m not going to have any strength after this.

I’m going to have to post about it. I’ll have Dan document the diet portion of the prep.

Time for a Colonoscopy

As I mentioned at the beginning of yesterday’s post (The Personal Hell That Is My IBS), my GI is starting to suspect that my IBS may not actually be IBS after all. Why has he come to this conclusion? Well, for the same reason I am not completely shocked by his conclusion, actually: because I just do not respond well to any treatment for IBS that I get put on. For some reason, everything we do to try to treat my digestion problems just seems to cause me an entirely new set of issues. My system just doesn’t behave at all like it’s supposed to, to anything at all. Wonderful.


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