I’m sitting here trying to compile a list to get groceries for my upcoming colonoscopy prep. I’m a picky eater, crazy picky, always have been. Mostly, the puffiness is due to a hypersensitivity texture and unknown food allergies and stuff like that, and has developed into a fear of unknown. I’m working on it. But it doesn’t help when I get slapped with super restrictions. Now I’m just staring at the list on the verge of tears wondering how I’ll survive. I realize if I drink water I won’t actually die, but I don’t know what to eat. Ugh. I’m not going to have any strength after this.

I’m going to have to post about it. I’ll have Dan document the diet portion of the prep.

Back Pain, Still

This pain is trying to kill me.

I do not like taking so much medicine… but I can’t function. I can’t sleep. I can’t think.

I wish I knew what I did. Then again, I honestly don’t think I did anything.

I just want it to stop!!!!

(Back pain post 1, post 2.)

Mystery Miracle Magnesia

I mentioned my stomach hurting in the last post. Out of desperation, I sent Dan to the store for some milk of magnesia… as a kid, I was always constipated, so I know this stuff does actually help get things moving. Quite honestly, I just want it to clear me out so that my abdomen can stop cramping (I’m hoping it’s because my intestines aren’t moving things around properly, instead of something worse). I took a half dose (you can spread them out). Suddenly… MY NAUSEA AND STOMACH CRAMPS ARE (almost completely) GONE!!! This is so bizarre. Dan said that the bottle says “soothes the stomach.” I had no idea it could why I would suddenly feel so much better, but I’ll take it. Anyone have any ideas as to why this might have worked? Any similar experiences?

The Thumb Thing

For YEARS I have had a weird thumb issue. Every now and then my thumb seems to cramp up or get tendinitis of some sort, and becomes excruciating for quite a few days. My husband is always wondering if it’s my phone, but I don’t think it is. I didn’t have texting available when I started getting these issues when I was in junior high (didn’t have a phone). I was a prolific writer, of mostly therapeutic fiction and poetry, and it’s the thumb on my right hand only. It would happen mostly after lots of writing. Now, while I definitely say it’s aggravated by my phone, it seems to happen after painting. I have no idea why. I’m going to have to ask Joleen on Monday. I’m going to attempt to splint it so that I don’t injure it more accidentally… ugh. Typing is going to be interesting for my homework.

Any ideas?

Short Life Update… because, Insomnia

Mom is leaving to head back to CA tomorrow… actually, today… in, like, 5 1/2 hours. And I’m not sleeping. Oops. I told her I’d make her some maps. So what do I do? Decide I can’t stand the new way that Google prints maps anymore, so I decide to make my own. Now, they turned out really well. But I’m dumb, “Yes, I feel ill… so let’s spend three plus hours making maps from screen shots and typed directions.” Oh well, she shouldn’t get lost at least :-/ Though I suppose their could be random construction detours that weren’t marked… you never know on road trips.


Brain ‘splode!

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The Wrist Issue

Yesterday, Joleen looked at my wrist. We spent the entire session working on my wrist, because I can’t actually get a full range of motion without using my other hand to assist it. However, good news, she really doubts it is either broken or sprained. Apparently, massaging the joint and myofascial tissues in the arm will usually feel soft inside if there is a break or sprain, mine was the exact opposite of soft. She thinks I did something (probably something normal) that just scared the muscles in my arm, wrist, and shoulder, which made them seize up and pinch my nerves.

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Ugh, the pain…

So I somehow did something to my wrist… or at least it thinks I did. During Pilates on Monday my right wrist acted up, so Joleen was able to take a look at it. She doesn’t think my bones move properly (like the rest of the bones in my body haha, sigh), which is causing them to pinch nerves. Then, late that night, my left wrist started hurting. It was a different pain, just kind of felt like I jammed it. Well, it STILL hurts so badly that I have been wearing my brace almost constantly (it’s been giving me a heat rash type of thing, so I’ve had to take breaks) since Monday night. I am starting to wonder what’s wrong with it. I’m going to have Joleen take a peak at it on Monday, which is our next one-on-one session… but until then, I’m stuck with this excruciating pain in my wrist. I’ve been doing my best to hide the magnitude of the pain, because I don’t want to pay for an Urgent Care visit (it just doesn’t feel that urgent, honestly, but it probably is more so than I am allowing) nor do I want to worry Dan. He can tell it’s really bad though, I can’t hide all of the winces and exclamations…

Just… need… to… make… it… to… Monday!

At least I can take pain meds now 😉